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  1. Would you rather all festival tickets to include coach travel and to keep the same buying system, or keep the same coach/general split and become a ballot?
  2. Just the one thankyou!
  3. Waaahaaaay. Football Bantz Kraak & Smaak are class. And I like their name.
  4. Brexit with no tories.
  5. I've slacked on new stuff over the last month, please can someone give me a breakdown of what I need to catch up on. Joe Goddard is planned for tonight.
  6. Would you rather only be allowed to drink alcohol or only be allowed drink water for the whole weekend?
  7. So so good for you squash, bloody love it. And im pretty average. Did you know that you burn the most calories per minute than in any other sport. I've been struggling with my knee the last few weeks. so have been going swimming instead of anything else. And still working hard in the garden, which now I'm over the initial shock, I think is actually helping my back out - stringthening the muscles that do jack shit at work.
  8. That just made me genuinely laugh. And at most I normally chuckle.
  9. Just been giving the Jain album another spin. It really is an absolute belter! Highly recommend.
  10. Ah yeah I should have put Artwork in my list of acts I like. And Mylo is on the list. Is he going to be headlining though do we think? Would really like to see him. The other 2 i'll check out, cheers.
  11. I read that as if you had just found out and were amazed at the lateness of PP and Blues.
  12. For those of us less in the know. I like Kolsch, Bicep, Joe Goddard type acts. I'm not a fan of DnB, and like things a bit more disco-y - can anyone recommend some more acts on the SH lineup to check out some sets of?
  13. Moderat > Justice please. I like Damian Marley but I have seen him before and wouldnt want to see him if he was headlining Sunday. If he was, then I'm back in trouble for a headliner.
  14. That's a kick in the teeth.
  15. Saw them at Bestival last year, they were a lot of fun. Really good energy and really got the crowd going. They sang their own songs but also played some forgotten classics. Would highly recommend