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  1. Thought it was missing a tiny something (maybe it was just me missing the drugs). Don't get me wrong it was fantastic but not best of the weekend for me. Maybe ive just had a superb weekend.
  2. Dickhead in a chair just outside the tent kicking off when someone told him that the crowd will be too big for him to stay seated. Some people are completely missing any fucking common sense
  3. Are they closing off access via the woods?
  4. I had a great time, I was about 10 rows from the front though. I got everything I hoped for with their set.
  5. He didn't just have me in the palm of his hand, he had me round his little finger and lapping up anything he did. It truly was mesmeric. Nothing has got close to him today so far. Solange has bored me to coming on here while waiting for the Jacksons.
  6. More importantly though, how big was the crowd for her? Was it safe?
  7. Haven't left my tent yet. We still good for trainers today then?
  8. Anderson Paak took me to places I didn't know existed. Hacienda, Carrack, Craig Charles, Declan mckenna (who wore a face mask with my face on it) and the second half of Radiohead were all excellent as well. Was a great festival day for me.
  9. Dizzee always meant to headline. That's a lazy booking. Might learn next time and just give it to Anderson Paak. Best set I've seen in a long long time.
  10. I'd have Anderson Paak's babies. #andersonpaakfacts - his smile could light 1000 cities. seriously tho he was on an absolute other planet. Will struggle to top that set all weekend I did catch the second half of RH who were also very good
  11. Can the Killers play tomorrow or are they busy? I know they are in Greece Saturday.
  12. Just been playing daft punk somewhere near the Other stage. Just saying. I'm still sure Arcade fire are playing somewhere. Im all in on it.
  13. I never thought a drab cloudy morning could be so wonderful. Providing the sun comes out this arvo this is all good in my books.
  14. My 3G connection is so on point today that I'm not sure I'll need to the text alerts.
  15. It's so fucking hot