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  1. If he is then I'm worried by his claim that he hasn't done anything in preparation for Glastonbury. It would literally be his job to do stuff, not like us weirdos that just do it ages in advance for no reason.
  2. I can't understand how anyone can look at that lineup (or any Glasto lineup for that matter) and go 'nah this ones not for me - I'm out'. It might not have loads of your all time favourite acts on there but if you can't find enough to keep you entertained then maybe music and festivals isn't you're bag in general.
  3. The song might not be all that but the 360 video is another spectacular.
  4. Ah nice one, enjoy. I've only got myself to blame I think. I was confused by the process and refreshed a couple of times when it appears I didn't need to. I got through but then all the ticket options said they were unavailable. Cant win them all though
  5. Just tried and unsurprisingly failed to get London Grammar tickets for their small London church gig. Oh well they appear to be everywhere this summer so hopefully will catch them at some point - just thought a church could have been a great setting for them. Anyone get one?
  6. Will be more dayman than nightman this year. Last time I had a big Saturday night, walking back to the tent at half 6 in the morning is a surreal experience, that I had never done at any other festival before. I enjoyed it, but I couldnt do it on the regular. Sunday I wish I had gone back to the tent straight after Chems, there was no way the night was getting better from there. So in conclusion I like to play it by ear and try to make the right decisions for how I'm feeling at that specific time and place. As I once got told while walking out of a gig by a guy completely off his face who overheard our discussion of where we should go after, 'don't chase the night'. Not a wiser word has been spoken from a person as fucked as that.
  7. He got out because of slow processing of an appeal request. Law is law, but sometimes the law is an ass.
  8. This I'll conceed I hadnt fully thought through. Fair play. This I stand by. An attack on a parliament instantly increases the chances of a planned simultaneous attack on an alternative paliament even if the increase is miniscule, there is still an increase. Your Fred example is a bit worrying.
  9. He was sentenced to 22 years in 2013...
  10. Exactly why you need a well trained and prepared quick response unit. Not every attack will be next to the Police headquarters. I can't imagine the quick response unit are based solely from Scotland yard - that wouldnt make any sense.
  11. A debate that can be delayed with no/little consequence. I don't think what the debate was about has any bearing. It was a debate, it's not a now or never event. Some of the people in that parliament would have had friends/colleagues that were in Westminster at the time. And that's not taking into account the added security risk following an attack on a parliament in the same nation. Common sense in my eyes.
  12. Yes but the motorbike guys (I really need to find out what their offical name is) displayed why they exist, for larger scale terrorist attacks in other parts of London where there arent large scale armed police in the area they are essential to limiting the damage. I'm not asking for a changed world. Just a bit of common sense when slating a devolved parliament for suspending itself following a terror attack outside of its nations' governing parliament. --- (That's probabaly not worded properly but you get my drift)
  13. It's better than Scotland being the sole subject being talked about. I don't buy this whole 'things should carry on as normal or the terrorists have won' malarky. Doesn't sit well with me. But yeah, undoubtedly this is the case in the sense of on duty police officers, but it was the quick response teams - the guys with motorbikes and guns - that had me impressed. Obviously this is their whole reason for existing but it is comforting nonetheless (and yes I get there would have been units closer to Westminster than other parts of London). His choice of attack does confuse me. I get making the statement of doing something outside parliament (even like you said being a stupid decision because of the security in the area), but then he's incorporated trying to inflict mass damage on human life - seems like he couldnt make his mind up on what he should prioritise (if he had any mind left).
  14. RTJ West Holts Sunday headliner would be ideal thankyou very much. They would be able to squeeze out all the remaining energy I have left. Radiohead, Jacksons, RTJ Although Justice in the mix would make for some headaches
  15. In what sense?