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  1. You are more likely to be caught up in something on the journey to the festival than at the festival itself. Like has been said, the difficulty in organising such an attack would be astronomical. This isnt me saying it would never happen (obviously I hope it wont), but when you compare the alternatives like the atrocity of last night, then I see far more events/locations with a greater threat level than at Glastonbury. I'm still surprised there havent been more attacks on things like sporting events (football matches being the main one I think about). But at the end of the day we are always reliant on the quality of the security services, who I'm sure do so much more than we are all aware of to limit the the number of horrors like yesterday.
  2. Yeah reading it back I realise my comment would have come across with an insulting tone, that's not what I intended. I meant, in relation to nikkic's claim that he would vote for you regarding your comments on here, that its a fair bit easier explaining yourself or discussing the frailties of proposed policiies on a forum of generally fairly likeminded people.
  3. I'm sure there is nothing he would want less. by all accounts he's up to his eyeballs as it is, let alone having to run a country on top of it all Also, I would say it's easier to say what you think wont work, bit more difficult to put forward a viable alternative that will, and I don't often see those alternatives being shared.
  4. Its weird. I normally have lots of issues with my back in regular day to day life, but an airbed at a festival never seems to have a negative effect. Its probably because of all the walking during the day or something. I've always been an airbed man, but more through habit than anything else now, there are probably better alternatives.
  5. She's a lying cow
  6. Start a petition quick.
  7. I've been busy with work. And now havent gone to get lunch before peak time. I think I might have to go hungry today.
  8. Heart attack
  9. I'm genuinely undecided for this election so far. But I am the opposite of you in regards to your safe option, my vote counts for little and that fact sometimes affects my decision more than I relalise.
  10. Taking the United argument out of it, the Europa league has definitely risen in stature over the past few seasons here, pretty much solely down to the inclusion of the CL spot for the winners. Its one of the few successes Uefa have been a part of. Other European countries have always valued it higher than we do here though, potentially because it allows teams that either realistically are never going to challenge for their domestic title, or teams that generally dont have much competition for their domestic titles, to win a major European trophy. Having a larger number of teams who are seen as potential title winners means that more often than not those teams saw it as more of a drain on resources considering the rewards.
  11. I will never not upvote these if I see them.
  12. I have never said I support free school meals, you have taken my questioning to mean that I do. I also do not believe I should be listened to on the matter even if I did. I do think however that these sorts of decisions should be made in part, or with the advisory inclusion of those that deal with the school system every day, and don't just see the whole thing as a bunch of numbers on a page that could be made smaller. My personal experience of the situation is that of relatives that work in primary schools. (two sisters, mother, and girlfriend), I would value their opinion far more than my own.
  13. Ah right, that'll qualify you to have a more valid opinion than those that deal with this issue on a daily basis then. I have never understood why people and politicions think they are better equipped than those with real experience to make pivotal decisions in regards to our education system.
  14. No its automatic qualification if the winners of The CL also qualify in their domestic league. Sweeping statements without knowing facts. I feel like I've seen this before...
  15. Have you ever worked in a school?