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  1. Ha, mine too! Well, equal points with Måneskin. Just been dipping into the Go_A album and looks like they'll be making a good noise in the JP tent, excellent!
  2. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    Ha, you've a better memory than me! And yes, the OMTWF film was very powerful, I regularly think about the closing scene and how utterly silent the audience were as though we were glued to our seats and nobody could move despite the credits rolling. By contrast we all stood up and clapped and cheered at the end of the new one.
  3. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    Found it in an interview he did: Mostly, Cave and his wife, Susie Bick, who also appears in the film, talk around Arthur rather than about him: It seems they’re balanced on a thread between heightened awareness and permanent numbness. Cave speaks somberly about his inability to think, let alone talk, about the days around the time Arthur died. “Time is elastic,” he says, “We can go away from the event but at some point the elastic snaps back and we always come back to it.” At one point Dominik’s lens scrutinizes Cave’s face, currently that of a tired, ancient boy, as if he were showing it to us for the first time. In fact, it’s as if Cave is seeing it for the first time. “What happened to my face?” he says. “Look at these bags under my eyes. Where did they come from? They weren’t here last year.”
  4. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    Sorry to hear that, I can see how Nick working through his own grief has really hit a chord with so many going through similar events in their own lives, he's like a calming buddha full of compassion and humanity. A friend of mine wrote a book recently about the science behind trauma resilience and got permission from Nick to use a quote of his from the One More Time With Feeling film which really resonated with her, it was about the elasticity of time (sorry, can't remember the exact quote). She was disappointed that she couldn't get to meet him back stage after the Carnage gig, but kudos to her for trying!
  5. You're right, quill on parchment would have been much better, he's let himself down:
  6. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    Are you able to give us a sneak preview? I've not been able to think of a question yet, I think he'll have 100k+ in his inbox by the time I get round to it.
  7. Liked the joke about JRM being an overgrown prefect leaving notes on people's desks - even Johnson was chuckling away at that one.
  8. Oh, twitter has narrowed the short list down then. The only thing I know about him is some media round he did saying Johnson hadn't robbed a bank so therefore everything is fine and we should all shut up.
  9. Upvote for using 'plutophilic' in a sentence.
  10. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    It's less than a week and I've already forgotten so much including this bit. The RHF has transformed Nick into national treasure status I think. The fact that in this fast paced world he takes time out to mull and think and consider before replying is a real virtue. How many questions did he say he currently has? 30k? That's a lot to dip into!
  11. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    Ha, I'd forgotten Warren's filing system, that was just plain ridiculous (and entirely believable). I thought Marianne F was an all round good egg letting that footage be shown.
  12. Kurosagi

    Nick Cave

    ...and we're back! So, no doubt it's been discussed on other threads whilst this one was deleted, but what did you think to the new film? The section where Nick describes Warren's creative process had me and the audience howling.
  13. Deffo something weird in the water in Essex. Oh please let it be Mark Francois.
  14. Not half as surprised as we were! Fingers firmly crossed. Well done! We were arguing after the film about whether that was really his ceramics or whether someone else had made them to his designs, I just thought he collected the stuff.
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