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  1. Headliners all in place - new stage venue, 2nd Tier tickets about to sell out and new website being propogated. Line up out in the New Year
  2. Tier 1 sold out in two hours - Tier 2 tickets now on sale
  3. Tickets go onsale at 9am on 28th Sept 17. New site layout, line up taking shape and general excitement building ( even though it is only September!!) £ Tiers of tickets - from £65 on Tier 1 to £85 on Tier 3. Also new for this year is starting on the Friday and having a full day on the Sunday too and no band over lap between the two main stages, so basically you'll get to see who you want ticket link is here - http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3097100
  4. Flounder

    Once Upon a Time in the West 2017

    I know its been a while and apologies... Soo - we have 1 live-in vehicle ticket left and under 100 adult tickets left. Its £75 and bar is at pub prices. Be quick if you fancy coming xx
  5. Flounder

    Once Upon a Time in the West 2017

    Its partly 'cos I copied off the spreadsheet
  6. Flounder

    Organising a new music festival

    - I had heard about the Forge, but didn't realise the state of the rest
  7. Flounder

    Once Upon a Time in the West 2017

    They are and lovely he is too. They are different acts. It's like me fronting two bands.....so Kaptain will be Big Swing, AAABadboy could be anything
  8. Flounder

    Organising a new music festival

    Cal died a few years back and was Mum to a close mate - lived on the big council estate. We used to pile up there as teens and stay with Cal. All part of Creaming Jesus Posse. We used to get down The Forge on occasion. She was married to a bloke called Pete, but they split and he went to Aus - back now.
  9. Flounder

    Once Upon a Time in the West 2017

    Apologies - I've been really shite in keeping you up to date. HOWEVER- get this for £75....!! Pronghorn Guns of Navarone DJ Kaptain (Big Swing Sound) DJ AAA Badboy (Boomtown et al) The Boot Hill All Stars The Back Wood Redeemers Hodmadoddery Tankus The Henge Inbredz FFTP Tapioka Mick O'Toole Dry White Bones Dirty Deisel Outlaw orchestra Cash converted DJ Dale MArtin - Circus Warp - UFO DJ Shane - Eat Static - Circus Warp - UFO DJ Toby Spin Mad Professor Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band 3DM Skeg Stiff Joints Jo Carley & the old dry skulls Some Dogs Gypsy Hill The SkaVengers Chavo The Turner Brothers The Black Hearted Riders Captain Cactus & The Screaming Harlots The Mighty Dub Generators Ulysses Miraculous Mule Thin Wire Fence: Raleigh Rye Brwmys: Hymn for Her Slippery Slope Dexter Selboy (trio) Mango Factory Shootin the Crow Billy in the Lowground and Key Lime Pi Marching Ska Band
  10. Flounder

    Organising a new music festival

    Good call - forgot about AFO - you can get your PLI etc from them cheaply. Machen eh? Don't suppose you knew Cal williams?
  11. Flounder

    Organising a new music festival

    Team - comes from years of working with different crews/mates Job - nope - most people have other streams of income. There are very few full time posts - even Farmer Eavis still runs his farm. It will however take as much time up in your life as a full time job...just really badly paid. Can't answer the last question accurately - as you flagged up. We carry around kit that would be between £4-6k to hire. I wouldn't be happy running an event that you wouldn't be clearing £8k minimum off tickets. It can be done a lot cheaper, but we like to play safe. It's punters welfare that you have in your hands and a big whack of your job is to make sure that they're ok. 3 main points. Keep the bar/traders to yourselves wherever possible - seriously Not everyone who wants to be your friend has your best interests at heart. We've met some absolutely lovely people who have become close friends over the years...and plenty of others. Your name is on the license and YOU are responsible. We are looking to run a much smaller event (8-9th Sep) alongside the main OUT West one. - 1 stage, bar, camping, Friday Night and all day Saturday. It might be interesting for you to come along to both and see what can be done.
  12. Flounder

    Organising a new music festival

    Nice one
  13. Flounder

    Organising a new music festival

    It's best to start small and work up. You need a team of people and the more experience , then the better it is. Do not try to do it on your own. First question to ask yourself is "Why?", as I can guarantee you'll be asking yourself this again during the process. IT IS NOT EASY, GLAMOUROUS OR HUGELY PROFITABLE, but it can get an immense satisfaction. One of the main things to remember is that you have people's welfare on your shoulders. There are 4 licensing objectives that need to be fulfilled via an Event Management Plan. We run a 1500 cap event and this document is pushing 80 pages long. If money's no object, there are companies that you can bring in to do everything for you, write your plan, run the whole show. I know people who have done this - not the way we do things ( we write everything ourselves, as we are the ones who have to implement it), but it's possible. Small events on TEN ( Temporary Events Notice - under 499 cap) are the best way to start out to learn, but all the above will still apply.
  14. ***First Line-Up Announcement*** Pronghorn's Offical 25 Year Celebration As you may have sussed....this year is the 25th Anniversary of the inimitable Kings of Cowpunk..the mighty mighty Pronghorn and where better to host & celebrate the Official Party, than Once Upon a Time in the West 2017!! So what we thought would be a bit of a grand thing to do , was to assemble some of the associated bands as part of our line-up. Each band has Pronghorn members, past or present in it, so if you see any of them around site, shake them by the hand & offers of alcohol are usually embraced - don't be shy So OUT West are very proud to announce that over the weekend are playing..... Pronghorn - Kings of Cowpunk - job done The Guns of Navarone- Classic Ska, with a huge horn (section) - tight as you like, all the old fav's are there.. Cash Converted- the sexiest Johnny Cash band in known civilisation. JC resurrected & June Carter embodied Tapioka - like your Blues sparkly and lightly uplifting? In for a lesson with full on, in your face, dirty Blues. Championed by the one and only Suggs ( yep, THAT Suggs), catch them on the Thursday evening. tickets are £75 for the weekend inc camping The first two tiers have already sold out and we have a limited capacity of 1500 - once they're gone that's it. 4 stages over 2 1/2 days - local, national & international acts - late license - pub prices on booze - nominated for two awards in 2016 and known as one of the friendliest events in the UK.
  15. and what sort of mole are you?