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  1. Sadly this is indeed the case. Poor advance sales mean that we didn't hit the required target by 1st June. We were funding the event ourselves ( we never used ticket money for revenue prior to the event) and plain and simply couldn't afford the risk/costs to traders etc. We refuse to put on any sort of lesser event, or to cut back on infrastructure or H&S, so sadly had to pull it. Apologies to those inconvenienced by this ?
  2. Howdo All. Well we are having a little bit of an update to OUT West for this year and going a bit more back to our roots. We are keeping the vibe small, friendly and lovely, with a bit more of a traditional festival feel. Ticket Prices are the same as last year at £85 and we are also keeping to pub prices on the booze. Any questions then please do fire away!! :)
  3. My accountant said there was a case ruling a while ago and as a result, small time musicians don't need to decalre earnings, as most of the time when you add it all up, theres either a loss, or rough break even. May be worth asking a worthy accountant
  4. Aaaaand relax - top weekend, possibly the best one yet - full review here - https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/ouatitw/2018/review.shtml
  5. Mine was around the £4.50 at SHindig. At OUT West we try to keep the bar prices as low as poss. Prices not been set yet but will be around the £4 mark , rising if it's crafty IPA etc.
  6. Huge apologies for not updating this - birth of Granddaughter has filled brain... anyway, it's 3 weeks to go and full line up is below. Tickets are £85 and dates are 13-15th July inclusive ( we're running on the Sunday for the first time this year.) Pub prices at the bar - small capacity ( 1500) people in the depths of Wiltshire just off the a350, roughly 30mins south of J17 of the M4. All sorts of nonsense planned - quiz shows, CIder Sabbath, win your own loo for the weekend etc - check out www.outwestfestival.co.uk for ticket info etc. We are also releasing a limited amount of Sunday Day tickets and amoungst quite a few new things this year, we are featuring a number of Youth Acts ( Peony, STraight Fits and Fobzy - covering Trad Folk, Post Punk and Hip-Hop) - all fantastically talented and worth a watch out. Anyway... here's the listings O.U.T. Stage Friday Mick O Toole Gaz Brookfield los albertos Saturday stuart Cullen The Back Wood Redeemers Phil Odgers ( The Men They Couldn't Hang) & Bobby Valentino Skata tones Subgiant Smerins Anti-Social CLub Sunday Dusty Stray Imprints/ SN Dubstation Far Cue The Leylines Ferocious DOg 4&20 Stage Friday Elea Calvet The John E Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem Harry Jordan Showhawk Duo DJ's Jason CLark Saturday Peony Hodmadoddery The Straight Fits Long John & The Killer Blues Collective Key Lime Pi Some Dogs Imprints DJ Sheilagh Sunday Denis Dubby Recovery Brewers Daughter Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Dry White Bones Monkey Bizzle Boot Hill All Stars Devils Damned String Band FFTP The Djinn Palace ( more tba) Friday DJ Dapper Dan DJ Matty Dale TravCHav Showhawk Duo Saturday xray spexercise Tim Alex Toby Spin Shane Swing Hoppers Phat Sam and introducing FOBZY !! Sunday The Cider Sabbath - All Day Live acts, gameshows, DJ's.... and funnily enough...CIDER!!
  7. Headliners all in place - new stage venue, 2nd Tier tickets about to sell out and new website being propogated. Line up out in the New Year
  8. Tickets go onsale at 9am on 28th Sept 17. New site layout, line up taking shape and general excitement building ( even though it is only September!!) £ Tiers of tickets - from £65 on Tier 1 to £85 on Tier 3. Also new for this year is starting on the Friday and having a full day on the Sunday too and no band over lap between the two main stages, so basically you'll get to see who you want ticket link is here - http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3097100
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