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  1. wonderwoman76

    alcohol infusions

    I make rhubarb gin regularly, it's fabulous. https://queenofeverything.co.uk/2015/06/13/rhubarb-gin/
  2. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    I would love to be added to both coach and general if possible please. Me & 1 x
  3. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    Are we still able to get our names added to 'the spreadsheet of hope'?
  4. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    ive been trawling through the earlier posts on this thread to find the spreadsheet for the unsuccessful who want help betting resale tickets. My god that was a depressing read. It's like reliving the October ticketless hell all over again! And I still didn't find the spreadsheet.
  5. wonderwoman76

    NFR NFC 2017 - The friendly thread for lovely people

    If I manage to get a ticket in resales I might not even bother wearing a tshirt at all
  6. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    But every Glastonbury experience is different! Anyway, not going to moan about it, that ticket has my name on it....
  7. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    How does someone decide they 'don't want to go' to Glastonbury?! What sort of sick world is this??
  8. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    Bugger. Was desperately hoping for the Radio 1 ticket winner call this morning. Who else was clutching their phone willing it to ring? Sob sob
  9. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    Me. I only returned to Glastonbury this year for the first time since having kids. I've just been accepted to do PGCE starting September, so if I dont get resale tickets, I may well have seen my last Glastonbury. Sob
  10. wonderwoman76

    The Unsuccessful

    Joining the wallow
  11. wonderwoman76

    See Coach times up?

    I had hoped to be able to get a train in but the timings don't work, so my husband is going to drive me and my friends to Leeds in the early hours. My brother is coming at 5am to babysit the kids til he gets back. Feel like I'm planning a military operation!
  12. wonderwoman76

    See Coach times up?

    Sovereign Street Coach Bays, near Hilton Hotel
  13. wonderwoman76

    See Coach times up?

    I'm leaving from Leeds on the Thursday at 7am. Have had no notification of where to get the coach! I'm going to get in touch with them, so I'll let you know when I hear back.
  14. wonderwoman76

    Secret resales

    Are they 'allowed' to do that? I thought a certain percentage of tickets had to be sold as coach packages, as part of their eco policy?
  15. wonderwoman76

    See Coach times up?

    None for Leeds yet