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  1. Because they never ever book absolutely bang average male acts do they
  2. I feel like they really need to decide what their stance on heavier rock is. Either book more and keep that audience coming or fuck it all off. Having one random heavy headliner and a fairly weak (in terms of band size at least) The Pit stage is a pointless middle ground given how many alternatives there are this summer.
  3. I liked it as well, doesn't mean i'm playing
  4. Leeds: Friday: BMTH, Halsey, BROCKHAMPTON, slowthai, Neck Deep, I Prevail, Everything Everything, Creeper, The Interrupters, Lotus Eater Saturday: RHCP, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Skepta, A$AP Rocky, IDLES, Sam Fender, Hayley Williams, Migos, Code Orange, Scarlxrd Sunday: The Courteeners, Gerry Cinnamon, Dave, Aitch, The Fratellis, Twin Atlantic, The Twilight Sad, Lil Nas X, Sports Team, Spanish Love Songs
  5. Struggling to see it being Stormzy... are there any recent examples of a headliner touring around the time of Leeds/Reading? I'm more a Download goer and when a band announces a tour around June that's it they are 100% ruled out.
  6. except that looks more like a Leeds Fest day than a Download day
  7. hmm... yeah fuck it i'm on the RATM hype train
  8. haha fair enough. I'm from Bradford and we're still raging about Gareth Gates' phone lines being blocked.
  9. I highly doubt there are more than 5 people on earth who have a grudge against a band who unwittingly mugged off a karaoke singer over a decade ago
  10. I know Leeds/Reading has changed demographic over the years but imagine thinking that RATM weren't a great headliner option ffs
  11. Possible that with it being a surprise drop that he's also kept any booked dates hidden until it's out. Not sure how exciting he would be to people in 2020 tbh.
  12. Liam Gallagher - RHCP - Travis Scott/BMTH. final answer.
  13. Or the correct answer which is neither.
  14. I agree but it was also the quietest day i've ever seen at Download unfortunately
  15. Same, shame the low attendance that year seems to have pushed them back to the old safe bookings ever since. And we got the weather for once ☀️
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