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  1. El Mad Cool Festival 2023 tendrá lugar los días 5, 6, 7, 8 y 9 de julio en Madrid. This is from the link. As I said, I don't know is it legit
  2. Some girl on facebook in Nova Rock group wrote that SOAD is planned for 2024, so probably also on Download. And she also said that Nova Rock is in contact with Rammstein management for next year, she got that info from insider.
  3. 2,5€ or 3,5€ for beer is cheap. In Croatia you will pay 4€, in Italy 8€, in Austria 6€.
  4. Official info probably after Andalucia Big in September, but I found this about dates and location. Is it legit, don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️ https://elukelele.com/festivales/mad-cool-festival/
  5. If Nova Rock can afford Green Day and Foo Fighters, then Download for sure can. Maybe these acts don’t wanna play on Download or Andy just dont like them
  6. Download is not the only festival with headliner problems. Just look at the Rock am Ring and Nova Rock, pretty much always the same heads. I think Volbeat played 6 times on Nova Rock in last 10 years ffs
  7. Machine Head are not playing festivals. Or something changed in a meantime?
  8. Okay, now I see. Metalica can play on Nova Rock on June 7 and then June 9 & 11 on Download. Done deal
  9. But they will probably announce the whole tour. Anyone thinking they will play two days in a row? Because Nova Rock is also from 7th to 10th June and I think they will headline both festivals. SOAD should also be back in 2023
  10. Metallica finished their EU tour so announcement coming if not this month, in august it must be
  11. @Ken19in Rock Werchter topic said few times that RATM doing june/july festival tour
  12. They already had scheduled tour for 2021, like playing on Nova Rock, Hellfest etc., but because of the corona and Tool tour it is postponed, so I’m 99% they will be back next year
  13. Puscifer will be on tour next year.
  14. @Ken19 said few times that SOAD will be back in 2023. But that was long time ago…
  15. https://www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/organizator-nista-od-inmusica-iduce-godine-ne-bude-li-grad-zagreb-strateski-partner/2376699.aspx If I understand correctly, no INmusic next year
  16. Wait wait wait, you already went to all this festivals except nova rock? 😲
  17. no dates, no tickets on sale and there are some informations (not official) that festival is moving from Zagreb because they have a weak financial support from the mayor and government
  18. https://www.jutarnji.hr/kultura/glazba/je-li-ovo-kraj-inmusica-naravno-da-je-200-000-kn-malo-to-je-simbolican-iznos-mozda-dostatan-za-majice-volonterima-15213194 Maybe last edition of INmusic? Can’t read article because you need to pay. And now I see that this could be the reason why is not possible to buy tickets for next year at the info pult. But this is not the first time that CEO is crying through media, so we’ll see what future brings
  19. Ladies and gentleman
  20. Day 0 is always the hardest, everyone gets fucked like there’s no tomorrow
  21. Is this the only festival in the world where you can’t bring beer to the campsite?
  22. @charlierc how is it works? For example, I have a tokens for 30€ and then I want to buy a beer. If I’m paying with more tokens than beer cost, will they give me a exchange or what? I really can’t remember when was the last time I was using token system
  23. Tokens 🤦‍♂️ I just read that in facebook comments. In which century they live?
  24. Anyone know what’s the payment system? Cashless or cash? Is it possible to pay with maestro/master card? Website is awful, very little useful informations, and of course, everything on italian language 😡
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