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  1. Possible admin error of course, however the madcool website is currently showing some changes under the “line up” tab. Muse are showing on Saturday and the killers are showing on Friday & Florence and the machine to Sunday.
  2. I’ve rolled my eyes at some of the miserable messages on here… but the radio silence on Stormzy, just posting a schedule where he has disappeared is disappointing. I always thought it looked like a stacked line up but with the QOSA and Stormzy drop outs it’s become fairly average.
  3. We have already had our return home flights cancelled. Will now be taking the train to Valencia on the Sunday to fly home. Very much worried about further cancellations.
  4. 4 day tickets been on sale all day today on festicket.
  5. Hmm I don’t know about daily social posts… Is anyone on here following Beni on Instagram etc? They do daily updates (sometimes more) and it’s borderline harassment.
  6. I mean, I don’t work in the festival industry but I’d say that ‘bumping up to headliner’ is more complicated than just telling the band “you’re now headlining, SURPRISE.” I mean it’s a difficult one isn’t it. They’ve almost dug themselves in a hole here. At any other festival Muse, Haim and Alt-J would be a fairly decent night. But now there is expectation on another headliner. MC now have to find someone to headline knowing they have sold most of the tickets anyway! Either way, 7 weeks today I’ll be in the sun, and maybe the idea of a “SURPRISE, headliner” who you only know when they walk out is quite a nice idea! 🙂
  7. Be interesting to see how they handle this wristband farce. It seems a fair few people have received a refund and a wristband.
  8. Do we think it’s “sold out” to full capacity or to a “covid capacity”
  9. Surely not announcing some headliners before the “refund period” defeats the whole purpose of announcing the full line up this early. I don’t mind waiting at all. In fact I feel like announcing the whole line up this early kills the excitement very early on. However I thought the whole idea was so that people could make their minds up on whether they want to carry on to next year based on whether the line up mirrors what they paid for.
  10. Don’t forget mad cool is owned by a very large, well respected music group. They may be a relatively new festival but their owners have a lot of pull in this area. The bands will be signed into large contracts across multiple festivals worth a lot of a money.
  11. Who voted for J.. why would you vote for J?!
  12. One of the smaller boxes could be Haim? Also I’d really love to see royal blood make it over from last year.
  13. Another strange Instagram post very early this morning.
  14. Christ some of the contributions to this thread are depressing.
  15. They announced on Instagram earlier today that the announcement will come at 9pm Spanish time.
  16. I think we will get Billie and the Pet Shop Boys
  17. I’m hoping they don’t think finneas is headliner material. Realistically I’m hoping for Catfish, the strokes or a Gallagher. Seems to be quite male heavy too up there tbh. I don’t know if you saw it but there was an interview a couple of weeks back with a booker and she mentioned how they were looking for “local” artists. Possibly Vetusa Morla but they went down like a damp squib at Benicassim. Discussing today how if they don’t open the American flights up how it will be screwed!
  18. When they say very soon for the next 2 headliners. How very soon are we thinking?
  19. Nothing but thieves are surely going to have to be pushed up the line up?
  20. Since the news of the vaccine I have suddenly become a lot more excited again! 33 weeks to go!
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