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  1. They are working it out, did you read the whole thing?
  2. 4-10 August 2021 as far as I know, although it's still really far away. Looking on the bright side, the island will look healthier than ever and the organizers will have more time to book artists who weren't even planning to tour until next year! Also, it will probably sell out next year "thanks" to the virus.
  3. They didn't book anyone since March, I can't tell any artists I haven't mentioned before.
  4. You will either be able to ask for a refund or move it to Sziget 2021.
  5. Sziget will announce the canceling of the festival soon. No festivals or gigs in Hungary will be held until 15 August.
  6. Yes, don't worry, they'll announce the full line-up soon. Seen some new undercard names floating around: Sam Fender, Alan Walker, Honey Dijon.
  7. Colosseum updates with all acts announced who will be performing there.
  8. Shawn Mendes on 10th August with Khalid as sub.
  9. Already said no to The Chemical Brothers a number of times! Idles performed last year. Nothing But Thieves might happen, but they are not booked at this point, I've just seen their name floating around a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Sorry for the confusion, they changed up a few dates and I got mixed up, my bad. Major Lazer will be closing Sziget.
  11. I answered this at least 2-3 times, they are not happening.
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