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  1. Hello! I need to sell my 7-day pass because I am in need on money and I cannot longer attend the festival, even if it doesnt get cancelled. I have tried using TicketSwap but they do not support banks from my country. Do you have any suggestions as to how could I sell it?
  2. i think its budapest time. most festivals announce in the morning or early evening
  3. i really wish for something like Jorja Smith/Doja Cat/FKA Twigs/Jessie Reyes
  4. they will be announced tomorrow?
  5. i dont think so,since he s already been there 2 years in a row 😕
  6. didnt the sziget leaks guy say that the female singer was older than lizzo?
  7. DL as in Del Rey? or Demi Lovato?
  8. what about ellie goulding? could she also be an option?
  9. i havent been there so i dont know, but since 3 of them are returning acts i would say lana and rihanna would be our best bets. unless the 3rd returning act is a band as well
  10. the woman might also be rihanna, since she headlined in 2016. so i guess it's between lana and rihanna then
  11. can you at least tell us when the lineup is going to be revelead?
  12. is this about the same headliner or a different one?
  13. and they also said foster the people were coming
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