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  1. Police speed camera van just before the rail crossing at Darsham
  2. I'd rather being soaking wet in a field with a beer, watching a band than stuck at home for another weekend
  3. Yeah Frank did a set in Solas, he was doing his podcast the next day, can't remember if it was a surprise or not
  4. Yeah loads of time. Tip for the Obelisk stage. Always go in on the left hand side (where the Obelisk stone is on the map). The entrance into the whole arena naturally leads people up to the right hand side so that side is always packed but the left is much less busy and you can often just walk straight up to the front.
  5. Yeah, no problem at all
  6. Good point. Still think that leaves a gap though?!
  7. Massive gap on the BBC Sounds stage on Sunday afternoon. Imagine the secret guest goes in there?
  8. One (admittedly excellent) gig vs missing out on a whole weekend of music, food and other stuff. I'd definitely be staying home personally.
  9. Even for headliners that tent is never normally FULL. Head to either side and you'll find space
  10. They have played it twice (I think) before, could definitely see them doing an appearance in the afternoon on the BBC stage. The secret sets are never that secret. With the Liam Gallagher one there was a massive hole in the schedule so something was clearly going on and he posted about it on twitter in the morning. So chances on missing out on something massive is slim if you are even vaguely aware of what is going on. But yes please do share.
  11. Let the speculation commence!!
  12. Totally get this, me and my partner have both wobbled about it at various points. The thing to remember re: Sunday was that all the problems were caused by people who weren't supposed to be there and who didn't have tickets. Everyone with a ticket to Latitude has to prove their status to get in and you aren't going to get a load of random drunk people mixed in who haven't done that. And based on previous years experience you are going to be able to keep 2 metres from people 90% of the time and still enjoy everything you want to.
  13. I tend to arrive around lunch time normally and there is always plenty of space in all areas, not planning to arrive any earlier this year but the excitement might get the better of us. Last time out I had space for about three more tents around me all weekend so don't think anyone will struggle to find a spot.
  14. If they are there this year go to the St Elizabeth Hospice stall first (normally just before the entrance on the left). They normally have camping stuff and it'll be cheaper and for charity.
  15. Some of this is on iPlayer - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p09l0050/glastonbury-damon-albarn Based on previous Waterfront stage special guests (Ben Folds in 2019 was just him and a piano) imagine it will be a similar stripped back kind of thing.
  16. If you really want to see this, get there early. The Waterfront Stage is tiny and has very very limited space with a decent view.
  17. Still more to be announced!
  18. From 2019. Frank Turner talking about his podcast, Harry Baker doing poetry, stumbled on Huw Stephens talking to the founder of a record label run from a prison, Helen Sharman talking about being in space, Mark Kermode interviewing Richard Ayoade. If you have some downtime just go and sit at The Speakeasy, always something interesting going on there. Don't think Film and TV is happening this year (enclosed tent) but that is always good for interesting interviews. You'll see The Waterfront stage as you come in and go over the bridge so always have a look at that. Comedy is obviously great. The Theatre tent is a little out the way so usually fairly quiet. There are art workshops and exhibitions and things in the woods on both sides of the lake so check those out. Just have a good look through the programme and go to anything that seems remotely interesting to you. The site is so small if you don't like it you can be at the opposite side in 10 minutes.
  19. Some great stuff in there for me. Every year I go for the music and very often the best thing I see is in one of the non music arenas. If it's your first time going, don't ignore them!
  20. Officially a test event. All systems go!
  21. I've put together a playlist of all the artists (2 tracks from each) if anyone wants to give it a listen Apple Music - Spotify I shall keep it updated if/when anyone else is added. I tend to do it every year and use it to work out who I fancy seeing that I wasn't already aware of.
  22. Friday is a full day. Thursday is an evening of bits and pieces (saw Frank Turner do an acoustic set last time, Keith Allen will get drunk and play some tunes in The Alcove) and all the bars/food are open but nothing major usually.
  23. The camping areas change based on tickets sold but I think campervans tends to be in same place. Agree with the above, you'll be able to take stuff to them but they won't be able to come get it. You do get space to put a tent next to your campervan though. I think they would have to pay a bit extra for access but they could camp next to you.
  24. No drink can be taken in but I disagree on the strictness of searches at the gate. Could easily smuggle stuff in if you really want to. It did have a few years ago but has been Carlsberg for a while now. Your options are Regular, Export or Somersby Cider. There is a pretty good gin bar though.
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