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  1. Tickets are on sale 3rd September it says
  2. -Biffy Clyro -Liam Gallagher -Slipknot -Billie Eillish -Queens of the Stone Age -Travis Scott (Understand its supposed to be 6 never headlined before but I want this)
  3. Seen Slipknot in January and personally wasn't blown away but they put on a great show and would be a great booking (might get some dark fruit twitter backlash)
  4. Aww right mate, where did you see that? If so they are my band predictions
  5. Co-Headlines each night instead of two main stages? Biffy Clyro//Bring Me The Horizon Liam Gallagher//Gerry Cinnamon Muse//Courteeners
  6. People are into terrible music nowadays...
  7. Biffys first albums were actually heavy. Then they turned kinda alternative-especially with this new album.
  8. BIFFY CLYRO//KISS//SYSTEM OF A DOWN What's everyone's thoughts on the Black Keys? Would be a nice sub! Would be nice if Download done a double headliner such as Biffy and Bring Me The Horizon
  9. What's the chances that they announce headliners on this Download TV?
  10. My Chemical Romance // Kasabian // Biffy Clyro
  11. Hope they change the headliners Gerry Cinnamon//Biffy Clyro//Kasabian
  12. DAY 1: Aerosmith//Motley Crue//Greta Van Fleet DAY 2: Rage Against The Machine//Ghost//Rival Sons DAY 3: Biffy Clyro//Bring Me The Horizon//Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes (Not enough heavy stuff)
  13. Galvanize Festival-5000 attendance-Who do you think will play? -The Snuts -DMA's -Don Broco -Fontaines DC -James -Nothing But Thieves -Placebo
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