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  1. Another newbie here. Where is the Crows Nest located?
  2. Ireland. You got yours?
  3. Listening to the Glastonbury playlist I was stopped in my tracks last night by JS Ondara! What a voice. Straight onto my must see list
  4. Magic Rat


    Thanks. Thought as much.
  5. Magic Rat


    I know, understand and support the ban on the sale of plastic on site but will we be permitted to bring plastic bottles on site ourselves? Coming from Ireland, duty free is obviously going to be in glass bottles which is a non runner so surely we can transfer it to plastic bottles?
  6. Hopes just rocketed for a Suede set somewhere
  7. Magic Rat

    The Strokes 2019?

    I think they are the most obvious choice for a secret set this year.
  8. Wear a Clash t shirt or wear a Joe Strummer t shirt. Can't go wrong.
  9. Bit confused over the plastic ban this year. Looking to take a bottle of Capt. Morgan and a Chilly bottle. Was hoping to buy a few litres of Coca cola to mix with it. Anyone know if they will be selling only cans of coke? Pain in the behind if it's only cans.
  10. Magic Rat

    Other Stage Opener

    Sheryl Crow? Listened to a live album of hers today and man she has a serious amount of well known hits.
  11. Ok this has me a little worried now. 1st timer living in Ireland. When are they usually sent and are they sent registered post requiring a signature? Normally both at work during the week here.
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