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  1. Haven’t really put it in any of my predictions but can see lil nas x maybe getting some sort of special guest slot or something
  2. Haha yeah its been posted on some leeds news site
  3. Someone on this forum made that, thats using the template that was shared on here like last year tbh I’ve made so many of them that might of been me that made that like months ago haha
  4. I just don’t see foals being able to headline reading outright anymore, as much as i love them, think they’ve lost the momentum they had back when what went down was released
  5. I’m pretty certain it won’t be Gambino, he said that his most recent tour would be his last https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefader.com/2018/09/07/childish-gambino-last-ever-tour/amp
  6. I’m the same i love foals but I can’t get my head around the idea of them headlining outright, I also feel they’ve dropped off slightly since what went down their streaming numbers for the last album and new album tracks are pretty bad compared to WWD
  7. Thought foals would be doing shows bigger than Olympia on their next tour, thats smaller capacity than ally pally (although only by a few hundred), can’t see them headlining (outright) next year doing venues like that
  8. Gonna predict The Strokes / Travis Scott + Bring Me The Horizon / Guns n Roses
  9. Guns N Roses and The Strokes announced for lollapalooza brazil next year, would that make them more or less likely for reading? Or completely unrelated? i know we shared posty and twenty one pilots with them this year
  10. Tyler The Creator needs to be at reading next year, his show at brixton tonight was incredible
  11. Definitely think bombay bicycle club will be there next year, just announced a new album coming in January
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