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  1. How thorough are the bag searches? I can’t remember and we need to get a camping stove in
  2. My parking pass has come but not my weekend ticket yet
  3. Brockhampton don’t appeal to chavs tho
  4. exactly, if they wanted to maintain their popularity they needed to make another album in the vein of TTS or Sempiternal that the fans wanted, but unfortunately the band wanted to make something the complete opposite of what the fans wanted
  5. My friend who was a big BMTH fan blames it on Amo
  6. shit wrong thread, i meant this year
  7. essentially. I think it would go down quite well as an opener and tbh I'm surprised he hasn't already been booked for this year
  8. what about Lil Nas X as like a special guest opener?
  9. The streets set was fucking incredible, would be excellent if they were at reading next year
  10. i think despite last years lacklustre headliners, the undercard was strong. This year also has a pretty good undercard, lots of great bookings
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