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  1. So is there actually going to be less stages smaller now? and that lineup is woeful, Christ almighty
  2. proper shit first announcement imo, only would really be interest in QOSTA and 100 Gecs is again a class booking seems way too soon to have posty back
  3. Hope they get Denzel and JPEG back on the lineup and make it so they don't clash!
  4. gotta agree, the new mixtape is mostly crap. Even the one with Idles, the only good part is the actual Idles part, something just sounds off with Mike Skinners voice on nearly all the tracks, like the mixing is off or something, it just doesn't sound right
  5. Just to further confirm that pulp will never headline reading ever again
  6. Unlikely, made even more unlikely in that I doubt pulp will reform anytime soon, Jarvis seems to enjoy doing his Jarv Is project and they are working on a debut album
  7. Maybe, but i think even when Trick came out there wasn’t the same hype behind him as when carry on the grudge did
  8. Which is a shame because I thought Trick was a great album
  9. well deserved - that performances gives me chills
  10. Boris speech was an incoherent mess and is just playing with the lives of the working class using them as guinea pigs to see if its safe to move things forward, large outdoor gatherings should not be allowed to go ahead until the virus no longer poses a threat I.e. when a vaccine is available If reading does go ahead it will be utterly irresponsible
  11. somewhere in Denmark supposedly
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