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  1. 95% sure that the ‘Special Guest’ is Dave, announcement coming at 7:45pm anyway.
  2. They sent these out a week ago, on the postcards makes the “leak” a bit more likely
  3. Are two door cinema club busy all weekend? Or could they play?
  4. Planning on getting tickets within the next few weeks, does it usually sell out quick?
  5. The only festival that never fails to deliver year after year imo
  6. @Dan Wilcox my one and only request, Skepta?
  7. Saturday & Sunday tix bought happy chap
  8. Rocky is a UK festival exclusive, just announced on Capital
  9. Saturday is gone now, still not gonna buy mine until I see the lineup for real
  10. How likely are they to rebook Skepta after him cancelling last year? Have they rebooked an artist in the past after they cancelled the year prior?
  11. I’m so fucking excited, best headliners in years imo
  12. True, maybe I’m just being pessimistic. I’ve seen him live twice and they were two absolutely amazing nights so I would love to see him again, it’s a bold move booking him but probably a good one in the long run.
  13. Really don’t think he’s ready for it yet tbh, what actually makes him so big? As much as I love him, he only has one album and hasn’t ever done arena tours or anything, really think he could be a great headliner in a few years, but now? No way.
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