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  1. alf13

    2020 headliners

    Exactly, I don’t think Stormzy would sell out Wembley or any stadiums for that matter, doesn’t make him an unworthy headliner
  2. Haven’t really kept up with this, just wanted to add how surprisingly small Mura Masa’s crowd was at Leeds (and the same at Reading I’ve heard) probs cos he was up against Posty, but still doubt he’ll be booked again soon
  3. Does Kanye even do live shows anymore, anyway? The last time he did a show over here was Glasto, if I’m not mistaken, I don’t see why he’d be booked for R&L of all places when he hasn’t been touring properly anywhere for the past few years (as much as I want it to happen)
  4. 95% sure that the ‘Special Guest’ is Dave, announcement coming at 7:45pm anyway.
  5. They sent these out a week ago, on the postcards makes the “leak” a bit more likely
  6. Are two door cinema club busy all weekend? Or could they play?
  7. Planning on getting tickets within the next few weeks, does it usually sell out quick?
  8. The only festival that never fails to deliver year after year imo
  9. @Dan Wilcox my one and only request, Skepta?
  10. Saturday & Sunday tix bought happy chap
  11. Rocky is a UK festival exclusive, just announced on Capital
  12. Saturday is gone now, still not gonna buy mine until I see the lineup for real
  13. How likely are they to rebook Skepta after him cancelling last year? Have they rebooked an artist in the past after they cancelled the year prior?
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