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  1. Does anyone else think the reduced capacity this year may negatively affect the overall atmosphere? I’m not saying bigger is better and I trust Boomtown to put on a great show like always but surely having half the capacity of recent years might make a noticeable difference for the worse?
  2. Think it’s becoming more and more likely by the day that R&L is gonna get cancelled tbh
  3. I feel as though Stormzy is almost a gateway into grime and UK rap for the slightly older generations as he is the main name that is associated with UK rap but I don’t think he really appeals to the younger GCSE/A Level students as much as he used to a few years back. I’m 17 and I know for a fact none of my friends who like grime will go to watch Stormzy as he’s lost his appeal recently in their eyes and is ‘a bit boring and too pop music ish’ now whereas Dave is much more preferred by everyone I know. I know Stormzy headlined Glasto and his audience is huge in the UK atm (and his tour dates s
  4. If two door clash with fontaines I will be very upset
  5. I agree, really hoping they carry the stage on this year cos I know for a lot of my mates who like techno/house music the relentless stage is the make or break for them! I know there’s other late night stages but if they remove Relentless I feel they’ll get A LOT of hate cos it really does add that much to the experience.
  6. Just been on the leeds website and seen that Relentless energy drink are no longer a sponsor. Wonder what this means for the Relentless stage? I assume they’ll carry it on under a new name instead of scrapping it? Weird cos Relentless have sponsored Leeds for the best part of the past decade or so I think. Thoughts?
  7. AJ Tracey four years in a row is lazy, lazy booking.
  8. @Dan Wilcox the nan is still in the cage. poster plz.
  9. That poster is definitely not real. Strokes subbing & it’s not even called the NME tent anymore?
  10. I know everyone on this thread is very excited (as am I) for RATM but not sure how it will go down for the majority ticket holders, 16-20 year olds? I’m already picturing the “Who?” comments on instagram tomorrow morning when they’re announced
  11. The nan stays in the cage until you post it
  12. I apologise for bringing back everyone’s traumatic memories of seeing the Lemon Twigs
  13. Bit late to this but Migos are by far the worst act I’ve ever seen live (and I saw Lemon Twigs support AM) Parklife 2019, 30 mins late, no stage presence, shit setlist, performed 5 songs in what was supposed to be an hour set and ran off stage edit: i can still hear offset shouting ‘who wants one more song?’ and a group of people around me screaming ‘fuck off’ at the top of their lungs
  14. Idles headlining in a few years would be an absolute dream, personally I think they deserve it more that any other act I can think of. Their fanbase is growing by the day too.
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