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  1. alf13

    2019 festival

    How likely are they to rebook Skepta after him cancelling last year? Have they rebooked an artist in the past after they cancelled the year prior?
  2. alf13

    2019 festival

    I’m so fucking excited, best headliners in years imo
  3. alf13

    so, Stormzy then...?

    True, maybe I’m just being pessimistic. I’ve seen him live twice and they were two absolutely amazing nights so I would love to see him again, it’s a bold move booking him but probably a good one in the long run.
  4. alf13

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Really don’t think he’s ready for it yet tbh, what actually makes him so big? As much as I love him, he only has one album and hasn’t ever done arena tours or anything, really think he could be a great headliner in a few years, but now? No way.
  5. 1. The 1975 2. Billie Eilish 3. The Streets 4. Blossoms 5. Jorja Smith 6. Aminé 7. Good Charlotte 8. MK 9. Rat Boy 10. Sea Girls
  6. alf13

    2019 festival

    Tash Sultana? Not sure where she would be billed though, she’s playing ally pally in June
  7. alf13

    2019 festival

    Unfortunately you’re right, although I would much rather see Lil Wayne headline outright than see Imagine Dragons ever be announced, but that’s just me.
  8. alf13

    2019 festival

    And the Imagine Dragons shouts
  9. What about Tyler the Creator? NME headline or is he too big? Will he still banned from the UK by next year?
  10. alf13

    YNOT 2019

    I think Blossoms have a good chance of subbing with them getting bigger and bigger - maybe a Mac DeMarco sub spot aswell? Similar to Seasick Steve’s spot this year
  11. alf13

    YNOT 2019

    I thought that tbf I was just grasping at any chance I might get to see em next year lol
  12. alf13

    YNOT 2019

    Any chance of Kasabian? I presume they’re too big considering they did Glasto a few years back but I feel they’ve fell off a bit since then
  13. alf13

    2019 festival

    Surprising that Kanye and Drake are on there, I would imagine that festival republic would be hesitant to book Kanye following all of his controversy this year and I feel Drake is too big for festivals at this point, and even if he did I could imagine him doing festivals like Coachella and not really R&L. Also I could never imagine Jay-Z being booked as a headliner for R&L with the younger target audience
  14. alf13

    2019 Headliners

    Erm definitely not, they’re gonna wait to bring kurt cobain back from the dead for the 50th anniversary of course.
  15. alf13

    2019 festival

    Do we think the lineup for 2019 (and future lineups) will be released like usual around december time or “early 2019” like this years was from now on?