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  1. Hey, I'm heading leeds for first time by myself. Is anyone else In same boat?
  2. Anyone on here with much luck for MCR?
  3. I reckon we will get an announcement at the end of the month, R&L's social media has been active, instalment plans come out today, line up announcement last Friday of week to coincide with fans pay day?
  4. Foals/ Catfish - Stormzy - Blink 182
  5. Excellent announcement, just got tickets for Hatfield.
  6. Best memory, stumbling across Reel Big Fish playing Town Centre, never looked back. But the sheer size and areas of the festival just make it great..
  7. So is this not happening anymore ?
  8. Actually think it's better on the last half of the album, got some good songs. I hate Blink too so I never thought I would say that, can defo see them around next year.
  9. Take Don Broco out of the announcement and that would be a class first announcement.
  10. If Don Broco is headliner of this I will never return
  11. Stormzy, Foals/Catfish, Blink 182
  12. What a great weekend apart from the fat walk from white camp to main arena, thought The 1975 started off well but ended poorly as with Foo Fighters too. 21 pilots were absolutely incredible, highlight of weekend was probably The Faim.
  13. Looking forward to this one, beer, nice weather, good music. Enjoy everyone!
  14. Need 2 tickets for Reading, does anyone know on this thread of anyone selling?
  15. I'm not really sure what happened in the closing ceremony, I was expecting something as long as 2018's...
  16. Seen people selling tickets as low as £120 for this years event, people worried about or weather or something that we should be worried about?
  17. Yes, I love that farm, I love everything about the festival, acts were brilliant, people we nice, organised very well loved it! Canny wait to go back next year again
  18. This has gotten me a little more buzzing than I already was
  19. Mmm, strange, I have always found boomtown to be the best for toilets out of all festivals that I have been to.
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