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  1. Nuts

    NYC Downlow

    Haha maybe but im not getting my dick out for free on video. No idea where that would end up
  2. Nuts

    NYC Downlow

    We went on the wednesday night to nyc. Drag queen at the front of the queue said it was either cock out or £2 so i lobbed it out then she had a grab! The girls i was with had to get their tits out. Then when i went to the desk there was some guys who said dick out or 2 quid. I said i just got mine out they didnt believe me so they started filming me with their phones with their lights on telling me to get it out or no entry. I was ready to jump over the desk and spark one of them out. Ended up paying the 2 quid So i got touched up and had to pay 2 quid! Not what i wanted haha
  3. Set off at 2am sunday night/monday morning back to sunderland it was a killer. Had to stop 5 different service stations to shut my eyes for 10 mins. Got homr at 11am. I feel sorry for the scottish deffo
  4. I went to the fireworks show at the park last year on the night time. I think there is also one at the stone circle
  5. Ok keep ya wig on. Im not bothered if people do drugs was just discouraging drugs on an under 18s thread
  6. Haha good one. I have good intentions sometimes... goes out the window abit at glasto tho
  7. Good health and live to the age of 1 million
  8. Nuts

    Shangri la

    Hi guyz. It was my first glasto last year and was that caught up in the fun i didnt end up going to shangri la which was actually the one place i wanted to go. I personally like the look of the temple. What can i expect at the temple? What is your favourite place in the shangri la/south east corner ?
  9. Put the drugs in the bin if you want to win
  10. I would suggest leaving earlier rather than later to avoid all the madness. If you leave it too late you will be grid locked
  11. I will deffinatly NOT be seeing stormzy. He has ruined eds song and also little mix's song
  12. Nuts

    What's your poison?

    Few cups of tea during the day. I then double up the tea bags with no milk on a night time and end up in the glade area
  13. Right next to the bogs. I love the smell of poo
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