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  1. Carpyrob

    Resale Club 2019

    So painfully true it's actually painful. I'm clearly still in stage 1. Lost count of the amout of times I checked my email 'just in case' todsy was always gonna be the worst day. Looking at working options the same as everybody else.
  2. Carpyrob

    Resale Club 2019

    I royally messed up in the ticket sale. They say talking about it is best... got through 3 times first time booted out after entering 6 reg numbers. Panic stations but got straight back in. Entered all details again. Page was lagging like hell. Card detail screen. Yes!! entered details.....declined! tried twice. Declined again. Rung my sister for a second card. By this point my timer had run out. Got through again. Entered reg details again! Then got the sold out screen. After a a few hours of quiet time I found out what the issue with the card was.....I'd written down the wrong card for our details! gutted doesn't even come close first time in the club. Resale is a long way away
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