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    NYC Downlow

    Haha maybe but im not getting my dick out for free on video. No idea where that would end up
  2. Nuts

    NYC Downlow

    We went on the wednesday night to nyc. Drag queen at the front of the queue said it was either cock out or £2 so i lobbed it out then she had a grab! The girls i was with had to get their tits out. Then when i went to the desk there was some guys who said dick out or 2 quid. I said i just got mine out they didnt believe me so they started filming me with their phones with their lights on telling me to get it out or no entry. I was ready to jump over the desk and spark one of them out. Ended up paying the 2 quid So i got touched up and had to pay 2 quid! Not what i wanted haha
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