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  1. I'm out, but the madness yesterday was extremely entertaining!! I just felt like 'It's here this week' is a very weird lie if it's not true - you get caught out almost straight away and the funs over!! I guess this happens all the time though, was wishful thinking by me! Thanks for your efforts @a6l6e6x
  2. Has there been news on Biffy? Their 'we'd like to be asked' interview felt very much like they had been to me! Headlining the other wouldn't be outrageous considering they subbed Sheeran last time would it? Could easily be a band Emily mentions as 'pyramid size'.
  3. I'm guessing this must be official and just a typo from the creators of the poster?...... 'Wizard Lizard' rather than 'Lizard Wizard'.
  4. I read on one of the announcement pages that Slam Dunk have them as a UK Festival Exclusive (can't find the page now)
  5. Rocketfrog1820

    The Rock Slot

    That's fair enough - after the last album it's a big stretch to call them a Rock act anyway in my opinion, but who knows how vague 'Rock slot' is
  6. Rocketfrog1820

    The Rock Slot

    Do Panic at the Disco have enough Pop Rock classics to be considered for the Rock Slot? After their recent Reading & Leeds booking, 3rd down pyramid would be the right sort of slot for them I would think.
  7. 1) Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls 2) Cut Capers 3) Fantastic negrito
  8. I asked my group the same question and they all agreed this year seemed overly busy all around the site at all times. I'm used to crushes after the headliners but these sort of crowds seemed to be occurring everywhere I went throughout each day. Although, weirdly, I found Sunday pretty ok! Weird....
  9. I agree! I struggle with bad legs/feet at the best of times so walking boots all the way for me, much more comfortable!
  10. I'm another that survived 2016 with just walking boots and had no problems at all.
  11. I might be going crazy (I don't think I am), but has The Rocket Lounge and Deluxe Diner been removed from the line-up page? It was definitely there when it dropped.... very confused
  12. Land Of The Giants have announced they're playing on their Facebook page - Theatre & Circus Fields
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