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  1. That would make perfect sense - I thought I was being really stupid and couldn't work out why! haha!
  2. Isn't this the same weekend as Truck though? My interpretation of both posters would have You Me At Six subbing the Saturday at both Festivals.... unless I've made a massive cock up reading the posters?
  3. Ooooooh, this is exciting (not that I have a Glastonbury ticket), but have you seen any UK dates? I haven't noticed any, yet.
  4. It's the assumption I made when my girlfriend told me about it as I didn't see the relevance otherwise but they didn't mention a specific slot apparently.
  5. She said they said specifically they are playing the Friday of Reading next year, but I wasn't there so maybe she misheard. Doubt it though.
  6. Hi @eFestivals Tried to pop you a message but I wasn't allowed haha! Not sure if it is already known/it's big enough for people to worry about but my girlfriend went to see You Me At Six last night in Bournemouth and they made a big deal about saying they had been offered a Reading slot next year which they have accepted. Cheers
  7. Have a great time all those that have made it. It still hasn't sunk in that's it's started and I'm not there :$
  8. Something tells me I won't be attending this year...... (I don't have a ticket...)
  9. WOW! That's awful. I hope it all gets sorted in time.
  10. Have you contacted Glastonbury and let them know what's happened?? There must be something they can do!!! GOOD LUCK!!
  11. HA! That's true, it hadn't occurred to me!
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