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  1. Yeah totally agree Coors light would be the end. Wish they could update to at least amstel or even stella. Red stripe would be a great alternative they did ape last year. I'm sure brewdog have capacity to offer on mass
  2. As someone who works in IAPT and does these assessments daily, please please please don't think you'd be wasting anyones time or being silly because you're not down all the time. Loads of people have ups and downs and sometimes it can be helpful accessing support even when you're in one of those slightly better times. If you've noticed there's a pattern of ups and downs then you are nore than appropriate for services and your local service would happily give you at least an assessment which in themselves can be helpful. Then usually be offered, a workshop, one to one, online cbt or resources which can all be really useful. Most people I speak to who have put it off really say they wish they had called sooner. Hope all is good
  3. PorkSoda

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Is this for definite? That's a hell of a clash potato
  4. More for ease of transportation of a pick and mix approach
  5. Tesco and morrisons have been doing two crates of 4 craft beers for 9 quid. Not too bad for really nice beer. Been sticking up sporadically. Got some brewdog punk and elvis juice. Trying to keep eye out for some beavertown but is very pricey. Any good suggestions for craft in cans welcome. My plan was to buy a crate of coke and then replace the cans with a selection of beer and tape it back up
  6. Nahhh, come on guys there's a load of good stuff on there. Get listening, get discovering and if there's nothing for you make a spoon and have a goan fish curry! 3 months to go!
  7. Cure The Killers Chemical brothers Tame Impala The Streets Wu Tang Doves Wombats Lizzo Two door cinema club Liam Gallagher Vampire Weekend Jungle Jess glynne Christine and the queens Kate nash Frank turner IDLES Fontaine dc Hozier
  8. PorkSoda


    Did anyone manage to get a presale code for this?
  9. Could liam not headline other, if they got gambino? Then would rule out double gallagher sub
  10. What's your guys general approach to finding new music? I usually go through the Friday play lists on Spotify and the for acts I already know, I see stuff on social media. Just wondering if there's any good sites I'm missing to find new stuff.
  11. Paul McCartney Jungle The Streets Anderson Paak St Vincent
  12. PorkSoda

    2019 Headliners

    You're ads seem to suggest you've been googling "how to be taller" 😛
  13. Wow, thanks all for the responses. Think I'll start with revolution in the head and see where that takes me. Do I dare ask about documentaries?
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