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  1. I've just gone for gold.. I've been lurking for years and get quite a lot of tips and help from here for Glastonbury and I've going for nearly 20 years.. My festival buid up is efestivals.. Full stop.. Get on board! Thank you for what you do.
  2. Yeah after the main stages finish, always a rush to the SE corner but on the way we have found the sunshine seekers stage.. Just before you enter the queue to get in the SE corner. I've seen disco, chic type perfomers and, comedy karaoke thing this year they are doing a Rave night where the audience is part of the show.. There is a bar at the back of the field that plays tunes until late.. We have there the last few years and had a right blast!
  3. Hi from me, been on here for a few years looking for either secret prospective sets or dj sets to try and aim for a party til bed time..im so lucky and got a golden ticket!. So far I'm loving the Glade.. Best release so far. Hello to everyone. I just love Glastonbury!
  4. Smozmorris

    The Glade

    MM. Glade line up absalute quality. I love tunes but silver Hayes.. Struggling to get excited about...The Temple.. Same.. Shang ri La.. I think that's going to go off!! Idles.. It will be a lock out.. Now the Glade..ill be there as a old raver.. Come on Glastonbury! The block 9 line up will have some decent dj's I'm sure but the hassle of getting in make the the Glade the best place.. Let's have you!!!
  5. For me mdma was the thing for techno.. 10 years ago. But now just a few vodkas and I can party with the best.. I just love the tunes..and dancing to them. Top place was the outside dance stage in the village 2004,05 - even in the daytime was the nuts! Anyone can give us a hint on psy, techno, going off.. Can you please post it.. Many thanks
  6. Drumcode techno rocks.. I know awakenings is on the same time but where is the UK underground Techno? Less and less of this music every year. There was more in 2004..why?
  7. The Common is wasted really. There seem to be more peeps saying the type of music is wrong compared to saying they love it. This has been happening for years. I love progressive house, trance but mainly techno. Where is this music? There are pockets where you can go to maybe 1 or 2 sets on the genosys, a couple in the glade, 1 in maybe 1 wow but this is over 5 days. If you like dnb the Sec has it near enough all the time.. It time for change!! How do we make it Happen at glasto. I've been going since 2004 and my type dance music is getting Less and less. I thought it's me, my age but I don't see much of the announced music in the Sec getting much love.. Any tips benny.. Please give it.. Let's have it!!!
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