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  1. You'd have to wonder if Chemical Bros/Vampire Weekend etc might have been at Werchter otherwise.
  2. I'm ruined, but had a great time. Top 5 in no particular order for me: Muse, Richard Ashcroft, The Murder Capital, Tool and Pink. Honourable mentions for Macklemore and Greta Van Fleet.
  3. I used them last year. They have a stall right outside The Hive entrance where you can pickup the stuff you order online. You better do it soon though I think last preorders are tomorrow. Could be quite a scorcher if this keeps up....
  4. Still a week out and of course it could change but if current predictions are correct it looks like we could be in for some hot weather.
  5. There is a bus that goes from Leuven train station to Brussels every night. I agree with other posters though, it'll be a bit of a pain in the ass.
  6. Pretty sure I had to pay a token for the shower in MySpace. It's the same general Hive entrance, then when you're where the big cafe and nightclub shed is you veer to the right for MySpace (at least it was that way last year), while the Hive was straight on. Just to be clear though, there is The Hive, The Hive MySpace, and The Hive Resort. I'm assuming you're talking about the second one.
  7. I didn't stay in the pre-pitched tents in MySpace, just the regular MySpace where you have the plot of land reserved. So to answer one of your questions, it was a quiet campsite in terms of the people in it (I didn't see any rowdiness), but it's quite close to the nightclub shed/arena thing so there was noise from that till the small hours.
  8. Each day there's at least 3 or 4 acts I'll go see so I'm happy enough. Looking at other festival lineups is it really that bad? For me personally Werchter is still among the best of them, helped a lot by Muse, whom I hope will put on their full stadium show. Yes its below usual Werchter standard but I'm grateful for the absolute blockbuster lineup of 2018 so I guess we had to pay
  9. What are the chances of Eddie Vedder getting announced? Big gap between his Italy and London gigs. Hard to see where he'd slot in though if GVF are indeed subbing Muse.
  10. Looks to me like they're on the same level as Bring Me The Horizon etc.
  11. You won't be disappointed! Try get up front.
  12. It's something I don't mind tbh, I've been to 'crazier' festivals, but the relaxed atmosphere at this one is something I appreciate as I get older! I saw no crowd trouble or anyone out of their mind/horrendously drunk.
  13. 75 minutes. They were amazing. Favorite acts of the weekend for me were Gorillaz, NIN and Pearl Jam. And one that surprised me was Franz Ferdinand - they blew the roof off. As for AM I can see where people are coming from, though I enjoyed them myself they could have had a bit more crowd interaction and perhaps finished on something stronger given they were the closing act.
  14. Update on my dilemma. All tickets scanned fine both camping and combi, currently inside waiting on Alice in Chains. Enjoy all!
  15. Thanks all. I was waiting for the train to Leuven. I've had to take a detour to my countries embassy and get a new passport as that was in the bag too. So only making my way to Leuven now. @chazwwethanks but it contained my ticket for hive, a MySpace voucher for 6 people and all their hive tickets too. Fucking sucks.
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