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  1. Chad Smith in Belgium at least so hopefully good news.
  2. So why did they announce Metallica would start 20 minutes early when they didn't at all? Good show though no fade to black 😞
  3. Anyone have the link for the Metallica poster? No way I can scan that qr code from where I am
  4. I've seen some people walking around with pint sized beer cups. Where is pouring those? Pearl Jam were amazing, Eddie sounded fantastic. Better than the 2018 show imo.
  5. Seems to be the same concensus now on all the weather sites. Rain Thursday afternoon/evening and dry for the rest of the weekend. Hope my crappy tent doesn't leak!
  6. Sometimes there's people going around with tanks of beer on their backs which you can purchase from, but there wasn't many of them compared to other festivals I've been to.
  7. Accuweather is a bit more optimistic!
  8. Anyone know if we can show tickets on mobile this year or do we still have to print them like it's 2002?
  9. Not sure if there is a timetable, but the buses go very frequently at least in the morning, every few minutes.
  10. Something I've been pondering myself, its difficult to know. Is there a way to reserve then pick it up? In previous years of the festival there was a dedicated camping shop right in the Hive (called Tentenzo), it was very handy. You could pre-order your camping equipment then pick it up when you arrived. The same service does not seem to be available this year, so looks like I'm lugging a tent, sleeping bag, mat etc on a plane from Ireland 😢
  11. That's rather expensive. The breakfast items individually usually cost about 2 to 4 tokens, depending on what you get. Alternatively you can go outside The Hive camping area, and along the road towards the main festival grounds entrance there will be food vans that accept cash and will likely work out cheaper.
  12. That isn't the issue. The danger is you could carry it to people who are more vulnerable to it.
  13. You guys reckon the coronavirus might have an effect on the festival? Apprehensive about booking anything yet as I'm coming from overseas.
  14. Are there any headliners or co-headliners left to announce now?
  15. You'd have to wonder if Chemical Bros/Vampire Weekend etc might have been at Werchter otherwise.
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