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  1. Sorry - I’ve sold it
  2. Hi! I bought a parking ticket by mistake as I already have one with tangerine fields. I can sell it for half price to anyone needing one.
  3. Sorry I keep messing up my replies! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve sent you a dm on here.
  4. Hi - i’ve sent you a dm - on here
  5. Haha - it’s better than walking up the hill to worthy view…. I had to give up on that! least there’s clean loos, showers, quiet bar etc. tickets arrived today - whoop whoop
  6. Hey all!! we have a spare two man tent going (son can’t make it anymore) … it’s in the base camp on tangerine fields. Pre erected tent, showers, nice loos, pamper parlour, chill out areas, bar, music, cafes…. Get away from the crowd now and then. just think - all you’d have to carry is your booze and clothes!! who’s interested?
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