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  1. hi i missed the video - what was it?

  2. just for pulp, and a couple of other posts you've made ;) ive rated you 5 stars! well done hehehe :D

  3. ooo i only just saw you message. Oh yes his n hers is awsome album, ive been listening to it sinse i was 12 years old, and it just gets better. I dont know how, but it does :D lovely to meet a fellow fan :D x

  4. aww thankyou - and thankyou for your lovely site :)

  5. you have no idea how drunk i was last time we msned. lol... bet i didnt make any sense. lmao

  6. hey litle sis ;-)

    ilove you. and right now ur probably living it up in NY.

    bitch ;)

    hahaah r roll on glasto - then ill be able to show u PROPPER CUL-CHHHERR


    love u gorgoeus

  7. Hwey Gorgeous!!!!

    im fine.. still bloody cleaning up after that party kid u not lol.

    00000000000000000000000 not long to New York!!!!! *wees pants for you* lololol

    love you babe!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. hey you going to glasto this year ?

  9. cheers for the upload :D

  10. Happy Birthday :)

    Havent seen you arouhnd much latley :(

  11. Boo!

    hows you - long time no speak!

  12. Happy birthday :) noticed you've not been on IN MONTHS! :(

  13. wheres the culty gone?

  14. hiya, no problem :) Hope your well too :D

  15. hello you :) how was your summer? did your daughter enjoy Reading?

  16. booo!!!

    hi, hope you had a great glasto!!

  17. ..HAHAHAHAAH... you r friends with... ahem, someone else i used to know. lmao. *abit drunk* - I DIDNT SEE YOU AT GLASTO. oh the shame. did you go the meet? - i did...but was wasted so might have walked right past yer for all i know. ....

    *checks you profile*...you havent been on here for over a month. hope your alright. *will check myspace later*

    hope your planning to be at t

  18. heyyyyy you! hows life?

    you going to Glasto???

  19. CONGRATS on passing your test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  20. Hows you doing? long time no speak :) hope lifes good :)

  21. I owe you everything!!!!

    *is your festival slave from now on* lmao

    seriously tho - a couple of drinks in order at the efest meet :)

  22. hey! hadnt spoke in a while, just woundering how ya are :)

  23. just seeing if you can leave a comment to your self!

    *has no friends*

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