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    I love artwork and poetry. Going to exhibitions, watching gigs and concerts, attending events, joining activities. Going to theatre shows, listening to music, cooking food, reading novels, magazines. Looking at poster designs.

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  1. Some interesting stuff you mention in your blog aout religion and going green concern.

  2. Some interesting stuff you mention in your blog- about religion and going green concern.

  3. ChrissieMaryAnne

    Sharing similar interests

    . I love events and celebrations and environmental festivals. Anything going, live drama and music performance to close off this year. Love being part of an organisation, doing good for others. Seeing shows and concerts. Love theatres. Miss the trill of being on stage in theatres and behind the scene. Nothing like being part of something. Love mixing, being with a group of people sharing similar interests. No age limit. All abillities acceptable.
  4. Hello to you too :) Yeah I love films, especially random foreign ones!!

  5. Just passing by, thought I say Hi and films are quite interesting.

  6. It's always a pleasure meeting new people. I had a great time thanks. How about you?

    I cant wait to go when it's sunny and I can watch the bands lying on the ground with my top off and my sparkly shades on! :)

  7. hiya, no problem :) Hope your well too :D

  8. ChrissieMaryAnne

    New Interests

    Feeling curious! Want to know about what is going on around me, trying something new, going places and changing locations. Doing things I love best Art and writing poetry. Hobbies Kareoke singing, chior singing and socializing. Having friends and making new ones. Interested in events and fuctions, being part of an organization. Explore new things. Currently a student in Graphic Design. lol ChrissieMaryAnne
  9. Just dropping by, nice to meet you!

  10. Like to be your friend, hope you are doing well!

  11. Hello!

    how are you?

    Have a good week!

  12. Just want to say hi to you!

  13. ChrissieMaryAnne

    Ecology festival

    folk music, country with refreshment cafe