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    hmm... drinking, smoking, chilling,
  1. yep, defo the dude:)

  2. Just dropping by, nice to meet you!

  3. ello rachie :-), yer made it to the wednesday meet... was a bit the wors for wear.. didnt see you either... missed the thursday 1 as i was on the piss at bus's stag do... hope to se you at the next meet! hows the littleun?

  4. ..HAHAHAHAAH... you r friends with... ahem, someone else i used to know. lmao. *abit drunk* - I DIDNT SEE YOU AT GLASTO. oh the shame. did you go the meet? - i did...but was wasted so might have walked right past yer for all i know. ....

    *checks you profile*...you havent been on here for over a month. hope your alright. *will check myspace later*

    hope your planning to be at t

  5. hi rachie :-), yep, im going to glastonbury :-), cant wait!! you not gone pop yet? how long till you do?

  6. heyyyyy you! hows life?

    you going to Glasto???

  7. i am :-) see... your turn ;-)

  8. This is the dude man!