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  1. Got an email from seetickets this morning saying "Your Tickets were despatched on Tuesday 28th May 2019"
  2. I'm not getting confused. I know there are bans on companies associated. But I read that a minister Brussels was halting its 5G plans because of health reasons. That is all.
  3. Brussels and Australia
  4. Just read there that they are testing out 5G at Glastonbury 2019. Emily seems quite chuffed. How do we all feel about it considering bans in other places? https://www.nme.com/news/music/5g-mobile-network-to-be-tested-at-glastonbury-2019-2480032
  5. West Holts Stage Headliner
  6. this wait is actually killing me. I know we are super close but if anything leaks let us all know...cheers
  7. am i the only one here who couldn't a flying fuck about arctic monkeys?
  8. risteard


    Arcade Fire just played a small 350 capacity venue in Dublin last night after their big Malahide Castle show. I don't know if they have been in the mix for a TBA in a small venue...
  9. risteard

    Must See?

    Radiohead Royal Blood Stormzy Laura Marling London Grammar Little Dragon Ani Difranco The Lemon Twigs Justice
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39433913/glastonbury-2017-line-up-announcement-is-imminent I*M*M*I*N*E*N*T
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