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  1. 1. Macca 2. Kendrick 3. Bridgers Honorable mentions to Little Simz and Fontaines D.C.
  2. How’s the queue looking at the coach gate? About 20 minutes out now
  3. I think he was being mooted as a sub for Kendrick but I could be wrong.
  4. She’s a UK exclusive at Love Supreme. Which at least meant I didn’t do my usual thing of convincing myself she was headlining West Holts on the Friday only to be crushed by disappointment when it inevitably didn’t happen again.
  5. I’d pay good money to see exactly that. Would be absolutely incredible to see on the Park just as the sun was going down.
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked but do they serve any 0.5%ers at the bars on site? I’ve bought some cans of Lucky Saint and Brooklyn Special Effects but ideally would only take a couple of each out with me during the day.
  7. I can’t believe this. First time I’ve logged on for nearly three years and we’re playing answer smash. I can only assume I must have known subconsciously.
  8. Not entirely sure what point you're trying to make. It seems to be a trend in rap at the minute. In the last year or so Pusha T, Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples have all put out albums that came in at under 30 mins and were fantastic. I'd much rather have a short album of quality than an hour long bloated mess. That said I haven't listened to this yet but I'll report back in half an hour.
  9. Got an early dart and picked my tea up on the way home to avoid any unnecessary fannying about. Nerves are in bits as usual.
  10. Guaranteed to be more exciting than George Ezra.
  11. The weather or just in general?
  12. I did suspect that to be the case. I usually get the train home and Castle Cary station tends to descend into chaos so hoping for a smooth journey back this year. Cheers for your help buddy.
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