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  1. I think it was even later than that, lots of places brought them in before the WHO advised to do so.
  2. Yeah I get wearing them on public transport etc but wearing them in a situation like what you describe doesn't sound like a great idea to me.
  3. Exactly. I remember people here saying the same back in Feb/March, like Dr Hilary Jones who reaches a massive audience on ITV saying there's no point getting one as it won't do anything, etc. Then they wonder why people don't feel the need to wear one.
  4. He also said they are not effective so its no wonder some people don't want to wear them now.
  5. I think some places in my area are doing walk ins, but they have warned that they have limited capacity so if you haven't booked there might not be room.
  6. Not heard anything about a time limit?
  7. Cream Soda

    How do you feel?

    It absolutely will, the first day was always going to be the worst! Glad it went ok
  8. Like I said, it wasn't me that called out your comment, it was someone else. I was just wondering if you thought they had a point or not. I personally don't think either saying Drake shouldn't headline Glastonbury or saying he might not have heard of it are necessarily racist comments. I just find it interesting that I think neither are, you think one could be but not the other and someone else thinks both could be. Just goes to show what a minefield this whole topic is.
  9. Seems it was a mixed reaction on here:
  10. I wonder why it didn't spread faster if it's been around longer. Or I suppose it did but was put down to other things (flu, etc).
  11. I see. Well that seems like it can only be a good thing.
  12. I was just asking whether you thought your own comment about Drake not knowing about Glastonbury could be an example of the behaviour you highlighted (unconscious racism/white supremacy). I'm not saying I thought it was, but someone else did mention it so I was wondering if you would agree with that or not.
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