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  1. I also keep trying to tell myself how lucky I have been to have attended at all, when so many try to and never make it. I know I'm very lucky, its just hard once you've been and you know what you're missing... Chin up everyone and hope we all make it to the fields next year x
  2. I agree, its a complete mental reset for me. I will really miss it this year.
  3. Feel exactly the same. I've even said I'm not going to watch any of it on TV, don't know if I'll stick to that in the end, but at the moment I just feel like pretending its not happening and burying my head in the sand! I have also won a tea caddy, better than nothing I suppose 😆
  4. Do we not at least have any caddy winners?
  5. I already pay for Alltrails, typical 🙄
  6. Also I didn't realise there's 5 x pairs of tickets! So still chance for some of us yet 🙏
  7. 1000 😮 Should have a few winners on here then surely..
  8. Ah thank you 🥰 Maybe best to dispose of all those cans in batches so the neighbours don't start getting concerned 😁
  9. Dammit 😆 You are so kind BillieBobs. Hope there was a winner?
  10. I would love it please!! Do you want to DM me your paypal and I will send you the money for the tea?
  11. I assumed the entry was received by that point and the donation is optional
  12. Seems to work ok for me?
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