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  1. David Byrne covering the Talking Heads, Sunday West Holts headliner
  2. OCarter

    2020 New Music

    DAMEFRISØR - Fresh out of Bristol. Got some exciting dates lined up already and new music to come in February, check them out.
  3. The debut album hopefuls Squid BC,NR Treeboy and Arc Sinead O'Brien A.Swayze and The Ghosts Do Nothing Talk Show The sequels Shame Wolf Alice Theophilus London (coming in Jan) Goat Girl Kali Uchis The Orielles (try and be a bit more interesting guys) The new kids on the block (doubt you'll get an album but we can hope) PVA Lazarus Kane DAMEFRISØR Katy J Pearson Lynks Afrikka Drug Store Romeos
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