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  1. Saw this dude at Glasto 2017 at Liam Gallagher. He barged past me and my group, glitter all over his face, painted nails and singing every drunken word to Rock'n'Roll Star as LG came on....
  2. The Murder Capital (dare I say one of the better live bands in the p-punk scene) are back, and sounding a little different, a good different...
  3. Just a horrendous bit of formatting... Friday night it is
  4. Loyle Carner, Rabbit Hole, Thursday Night/ Friday Morning
  5. Loyle Carner confirmed...
  6. One for Porridge Radio...
  7. I mean Jamie XX is technically free on the Friday night. Then playing Sat night playing in Italy. Even just him to DJ 'Let's Do It Again' would go down a treat
  8. Jet was back in the main setlist last night!
  9. Tbf Macca's voice is shot and the crowd will do a fair amount of the work, not sure what I'm worried about with Lady Di.
  10. The greatest 75 mins of karaoke inbound
  11. Stacey Solomon, leader of the liberals!!!
  12. OCarter

    Williams Green

    Poster came out on Monday...
  13. Got it now for the first time so hoping this means I shall be in the clear for the Big G
  14. Happy Just Mustard day to all. Waited a long time for this one (since seeing them support Fontaines pre-rona). Think Shoegaze and Industrial with beautifully soothing vocals over the top. If you're at D2D Bristol see them, and the band before them at O2 Academy.
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