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  1. His manager had absconded with his lifetime savings while he was living in a Buddhist retreat. So when he came out of that life he needed to go out on tour to replenish his retirement pot. That tour was filmed and a DVD made. The DVD was coming out around 2008 and he didn't want the sales affected by the fact the Glastonbury performance was out there. That is what I understood at the time from his fan forum.
  2. I would say no problem. You may have to lug it a bit further than you would like but there are always open spaces in my experience. Enjoy it and see you there!
  3. Joined Gold. Embarassed I didn't do it years ago given the value I've had since 2003.
  4. In for what will probably be my last time. Missed a couple since first time in 2003. I don't go as far back as remembering buying tickets at HMV but I do remember 2004 or 2005 sitting from 9am until 9.45pm pressing F5 on a dial-up connection and being gob-smacked when a ticket page suddenly came up. At least we don't waste the whole day nowadays. The system is so improved.
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