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  1. 29 minutes ago, jannybruck said:

    Generally a good rule of thumb to spot days that need a boost (this goes for any festival in London, really) is the amount they're pushing it with adverts on the tube and online.

    Field Day, for instance, I've barely seen any ads for so I wouldn't be surprised if that one's doing the best, and has had no additions as far as I can recall. Whereas the others have had some serious real estate over the past couple of months and have had some stuff tacked on to try and tempt people to buy.

    Thanks, good to know. Keen for the nick cave day but holding out for some better deals on tix. Although if my fomo gets too much I'll just pull the trigger

  2. 4 hours ago, jannybruck said:

    They would never change the day of it because of licensing issues anyway, but when the strike was announced I wouldn't be surprised if there were some serious discussions about pulling the day altogether. It's going to have a huge impact on the amount of people taking a punt on tickets in the week/s leading up (which counts for a lot at city day fests like this), when ticketholders arrive and leave the site, bar staff and tech people getting on site, the amount people drink, etc etc.

    I don't think they will pull it, but the day is certainly going to take a real battering because of the strike on top of the fact it hasn't been a strong seller anyway.

    Just out of interest, how do you know it hasn't been a strong seller?

  3. On 7/27/2022 at 3:43 PM, rivaldo said:

    Yep, the app usually works fine for us with detailed stage times etc, though I agree about the alerts.

    Already going to the National and Nick Cave days (on 2 for 1), but the Tame Impala day is starting to look attractive at least on a similar 2 for 1 basis. Tame Impala, Caribou, Working Men's Club (really great live), Dry Cleaning and Goat are all worth seeing, and Mattiel has had a good album or two out.

    Is the nick cave 2 4 1 deal still available??

  4. I have had about 5th hand info that all 5 spice girls will be at glasto next year. Would trust the first 2 links the in the chain but beyond that I have no idea - although they are in a position to know

  5. 12 minutes ago, Acid_Haze said:

    Wet Leg, and it wasn't their fault. Way too quiet for everyone except the people at the front.

    Agree with this, I thought the sound across a few sets was a bit off. Diana Ross and Little Simz I think struggled with the same issues. A shame because those were 3 of the sets I was most looking forward to

  6. 13 hours ago, blutarsky said:

    FAO those who like Espresso Martinis: 

    I found these at Sainsburys today. I didn’t buy any but I will next time I’m in and do a taste test. They were about £3.20 so pricy! 


    These look perfect, had a quick google and they're available online from their website, free shipping if you order 12 (can mix and match flavours) and it comes to £39, so £3.25 a can. Not bad



  7. 13 minutes ago, AlexOvd said:

    No way DAMN is better that Mr Morale. 

    I think as others have said, it terms of immediate grabs from hooks etc. Damn. is probably superior. But pretty much everything else is better in Morale. 

    Damn an 8, MM a 8.5/9

  8. 25 minutes ago, Haan said:

    Here is my crack

    1. N95
    2. Rich Spirit
    3. Silent Hill
    4. DNA
    5. Swimming Pools
    6. Die Hard
    7. Saviour interlude/Family Ties/Range Bros/Saviour (with Baby Keem)

    Tap Dancing interlude

    1. Father Time (with Sampha)
    2. Purple Hearts
    3. Loyalty
    4. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe
    5. Money Trees (with Jay Rock)
    6. Mr Morale (with Tanna Leone)
    7. Element
    8. Humble


    1. MAAD City
    2. Alright
    3. Mirror

    No King Kunta, how dare you

  9. 26 minutes ago, TiZuff said:

    though i agree wasnt it huge?! like in terms of general public? maybe i got it mxied up with something else

    Yeah I thought it was pretty big with the casuals as well, would help get a lot of people on side if he included it in the set. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    It’s absolutely incredible. I think this could be my favourite album of his. Genuinely.

    So mature. And the ability to hook you in and unsettle you is insane. 

    He is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

    I just want to say, because I know it gets some hate/teasing on here - I've loved reading your enthusiasm about this album and Kendrick today, great to hear people experiencing music like this.

    I definitely agree, it's a very very good record and better than damn. As others have said. 100% I'll be there in the pit Sunday evening

  11. 3 minutes ago, kingcrawler said:

    Ah fair enough, I do remember seeing them now you mention it. He’d work pretty well on any night and he’s a step up from Editors as the other JP headliner. The full lineup is going to have so many clashes this year.

    Yeah, if it wasn't for me already having all three days headliners sorted, I'd probably be there - his last run out at glasto on the other was pretty good from memory

  12. 2 minutes ago, kingcrawler said:

    Jamie T would be another solid headline option, though one I’d probably miss due to clashes. Has he announced any gigs this year yet? I know there’s a new album coming but I was expecting him to play next year, probably as a JP headliner, rather than appearing this year. 

    He has a few to promote the new music, including one tonight if I'm not mistaken.

    But no full on tour announcement yet as far as I can see

  13. On 3/9/2022 at 5:46 PM, crazyfool1 said:

       @yehbutnobut   @chemica @plot2pot  @Bovla  @Barnabybear  @glastogirl88    @thefudgefactory  @mickthevoice @danssol @Boris I’m setting up a watts app group for the resale .., please pm me contact details if you wish to be included … no problem if you don’t … you’ll still remain on the spreadsheet … and if I’ve not tagged you I likely have your number already but feel free to Dm me anyway … 2 weeks untill first sale 🙂 

    Done! Thanks again 😁

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