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  1. These look perfect, had a quick google and they're available online from their website, free shipping if you order 12 (can mix and match flavours) and it comes to £39, so £3.25 a can. Not bad https://mothdrinks.com/
  2. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    I think as others have said, it terms of immediate grabs from hooks etc. Damn. is probably superior. But pretty much everything else is better in Morale. Damn an 8, MM a 8.5/9
  3. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    No King Kunta, how dare you
  4. Expect park and WH this week, they like giving them their own announcement as much as all the smaller areas - we also get smaller area posters after the big drop so might not get all the ones listed above before next Tuesday
  5. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    Yeah I thought it was pretty big with the casuals as well, would help get a lot of people on side if he included it in the set.
  6. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    I just want to say, because I know it gets some hate/teasing on here - I've loved reading your enthusiasm about this album and Kendrick today, great to hear people experiencing music like this. I definitely agree, it's a very very good record and better than damn. As others have said. 100% I'll be there in the pit Sunday evening
  7. Bovla

    Kendrick Lamar

    Mr Morale could work very well live I think, light show could be stronggg
  8. Yeah, if it wasn't for me already having all three days headliners sorted, I'd probably be there - his last run out at glasto on the other was pretty good from memory
  9. He has a few to promote the new music, including one tonight if I'm not mistaken. But no full on tour announcement yet as far as I can see
  10. He does have new music out soon I think, so would make sense in that way
  11. Back and reporting for duty 🤠 let's get these tickets
  12. Bovla


    Ah I didn't register in time, annoying! Anyone got a link they can share?
  13. Bovla

    Kanye West

    Great series that, I just finished the one on Yeezus. Fully ready for a Yeezy szn. Although after the last few disappointing releases I'm not getting my hopes up
  14. Yeah definitely agree, it will still be high in that group I would've thought
  15. The Cure - 73 (-10) REM - 91 David Bowie - 47
  16. The Cure - 75 (-5) REM - 65 (+5) David Bowie 72
  17. The Cure - 276 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 203 R.E.M - 230 David Bowie - 303
  18. The Cure - 330 Radiohead - 84 (+5) Stevie Wonder - 235 (-5) R.E.M - 251 David Bowie - 295
  19. The Cure - 300 Radiohead - 155 (+10) Stevie Wonder - 235 R.E.M. - 220 David Bowie - 230
  20. There is variation in the provision of the jab in certain areas. For example I live on the boundary of Swindon and Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire has currently vaccinated a higher proportion of their 80+ than Swindon. So there may be some regional variation. However, it is true there is general distrust from BAME communities towards the government and for good reason given recent events. This is reducing take up in these communities
  21. Ah well, guess we move onto 2022 resale! The pressure builds 😵
  22. Not sure there would have been any point getting to the division lobby stage of the vote. Would just get passed by everyone shouting aye
  23. I am one of the selfish people who left London last night, and to be honest I feel pretty bad about having done it. I live in a flat with my girlfriend who had planned all along to go back with her parents yesterday and they were on their way when the news broke. I then panicked and just said I'd go with her. In hindsight, we probably should have both told her parents to turn around. And if they were picking her up today or next week I would probably argue for us to stay put. But it happened so quickly yesterday and it was as bleak as news has been since march which scared us I think. I am not proud of what we've done and feel guilty about any potential damage we have done. I also feel selfish as many people in similar situations will be abiding by the rules and staying put in small London flats instead of moving back to be with parents etc. But I want to enjoy Christmas and not feel guilty the whole time so hopefully I come to accept it. I guess I just want to express that all those people who left London last night are to some some extent 'selfish' but these are special circumstances and we do have to have sympathy for everyone at this time. No-one is enjoying this and we all need support, not finger pointing
  24. As a lurker, lurking and going gold goes together very well!🥇
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