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  1. Oddly, and very perversely I do actually agree. The tactics used only seem to affect your average working person... this isn't going to change the mind of the decision makers and those in power. It will only serve to alienate your cause and align people with those that condemn your actions. For me you have to make life hard for those in power too... if your average person feels like those in power are being affected as well they can at least see the benefit of the protest / action being taken. And I actually had the argument about air travel with someone from ER which sparked off a bit of an issue with them for me... I was constantly told about how we need to change.. I agreed... I then pointed out his latest social media posts were of him and his girlfriend in Greece. The response I got was "how else do you expect me to see my family" I suggested maybe using skype and was told I was stupid and didn't have a clue... Air travel needs reform, it's a growing problem getting worse every year. Again I have contributed to the problem, and still do, but we have made genuine changes in terms of choosing holidays in this country now over those abroad etc. Yes we will still go abroad but we're trying.
  2. Ha ha clearly it was the missus that was the issue then ? I completely agree that this is a non-perfect world, and you know what we all need our arse's kicking for trashing the place. As I've said sadly I realise I contribute to the problem but I genuinely try and limit this and do my bit where possible. I just can't align my views of taking action with the views of ER. Good luck to em, and if their strategy works then then fair play I will eat humble pie. And society does have to change, but for society to change it has to see those leading the charge lead by example. When the government says we're all in this together and we need to tighten our belts then you see them earning millions from doing guest speaking and getting an 11% pay rise, people don't buy it.... I see the same from ER in respect of using, as you rightly pointed out, diesel vehicles, carrying around the latest phones and digital camera's.. now this isn't everyone but I can't follow people who tell me my life choices are wrong while they do the same.
  3. Ha ha, sadly he turned down the offer when he realised it was going to be in a tent made of un natural fibres..
  4. Actually I did, I took the time to see their perspective... however it's safe to say the same was not afforded to me.
  5. I'm sorry to say I really, really, really don't like them... mainly because I dislike hypocrites. And sadly I have to hold my hand up and say I don't have the answers but I genuinely try to limit my impact as much as possible. I'm just honest about the fact I still contribute to the issues but don't have the cheek to tell others not to do what I do. There's some amazing organisations out there trying to do their bit too, sadly they don't have the financial backing of some large retail corporations and some politically minded individuals... Every credit to ER though, they genuinely believe in what they do even if they're hypocrites.
  6. Sadly we have to echo a lot of the feelings on here. We've been to pretty much every Kendal calling going bar the first 3 and last years... we've always had a lot of time for Kendal calling and always recommended it to friends and family but sadly we're drawing a line through it after this years experience. Firstly the festival just doesn't have the same feel to it anymore, it used to be so friendly and so relaxed. Now it's got to the point that i'm actively moving the family away from groups as you can see they are close to kicking off. As mentioned it's not fair to tar all the kids but some of them we're just disgusting this year.. we witnessed various groups physically pushing people out of the way, some of which were older festival goers just so they could run to the front so kick a football at each other. They had no interest in the music it was just a pissed up kids club for them. On various occasions they got an ear full from us but it fell on deaf ears. The festival just doesn't seem to give a sh^t anymore... we remember all the effort they put into making signs, hand made art and all the little touches they did.. seems like every year there's less and less to look at and it's just becoming a bland money making festival site. There seems like less toilets and less facilities inside the site too... The emperors field was a bit of a joke this year, maybe we just got unlucky but it seemed so cramped. We remember about 5 years ago having plenty of space between tents, the site had it's own shop, little catering vans, large covered pizza style catering place with chairs and tables, a phone charging point with one free charge, plenty of toilets, plenty of places to wash up... this year it was crap. There were tents on top of each other in our field, we could only find one sink where before you'd stumble across 3 or 4, the selection of catering is getting less and less... it's just doesn't feel worth the extra cash now. I hope they can pull it back to what it once was, if they do we will be back in a heart beat.. but for now it's off our calendar.
  7. Oh don't worry they also did an amazing job at Kendal calling. I witnessed them wandering around at least once with a few flags... then we spotted a drum circle in the woods on plastic buckets.... but most of the time we just spotted them wandering around with 2 litre bottles of alcohol that they smuggled into the festival site from the diesel van they had arrived in.... Good job guys and girls (and non binary) you've saved us all.... Anything to avoid getting a job I guess.
  8. Ahhhh yes... those ignorant people.. how dare they leave their car engines running after being forced to sit in a traffic jam caused by a so called environmental group.. those selfish people... Maybe if those selfish unwashed drum beaters stopped being ignorant to the fact that causing major traffic jams was actually contributing more to the issue and causing misery for decent people then we wouldn't take issue with them... probably better to keep quiet as clearly you don't get it.
  9. Yep, I can... various friends who work for Bristol royal infirmary took to social media to highlight the issues the protest was causing for various departments, both for staff and patients trying to visit the hospital. Also various people highlighted the fact due to large amounts of congestion various emergency services were having to take alternative routes leading to longer response times down to the fact arterial routes into the city were so congested it made them almost impossible to pass. However i'm sure extinction rebellion will highlight how amazing they were allowing a pregnant woman in a car to pass through the blockade.. obviously ignoring the fact she had to fight her way through the already congested roads to get there.. but hey i'm sure the yoga in front of a boat was worth it... Oh and i'm pretty sure any one with half a brain would realise that the statement made from the ambulance service has come from various top level managers who wan't to try and keep the public reassured there isn't an issue... but i'm sure you're happy to ignore the fact members of the public have physically witnessed and recorded an ambulance caught up in the disruption.
  10. Not a headline act but Bin bag wisdom seem pretty fun. Also enjoyed listening to queen zee, plenty of energy and reckon they'll be good live
  11. Frontier is off site by the castle. Apparently they are running a land train transport service to and from it all day to around 3am.
  12. Hi Simon Sorry if my post gave the impression they'd be blocking off roads at the festival. Pretty sure that wont be happening, least I hope not. And I think it's great people want to raise awareness of this issues, I'm just not a fan of the tactics used by the above group in trying to achieve this.
  13. I completely agree with respects to we all need to start making changes and that's exactly what they should be promoting. And thank you for understanding aspects of my view point. I have the utmost respect for people who see a problem and offer sensible solutions or make attempts to induce change. Blocking off roads, causing issues for hospitals and emergency services and adding to the problem is not sensible. Its counter productive and alienating yourselves from the public you're trying to influence.
  14. Please feel free to expand on my naivety? I'm not naive about climate change, I'm not naive about the fact blocking roads and causing cars to idle is contributing to a problem, I'm also not naive to the hypocrisy of people claiming to care about climate change towing boats into city centres using diesl cars.. driving to festivals which themselves are are contributing to the problem to tell people we need to change.. My issue does not lie with trying to resolve the problem and taking drastic actions to do so.. my issue is the hypocrisy. I dont sit there telling people eating meat is bad while tucking into a steak. You want people to change, then lead by example. Good luck to them but I still stand by my view point of them being massive hypocrites.
  15. I appreciate the slight perversity of the comment but the festival does seem to be getting more and more commercial. I remember the early kendal calling with a lot of small traders and vendors.. every year we seem to be getting more large corporation involvement. Now I'm not saying it's a bad or good thing, but there was a lot of fun to be had finding the small independent food and drinks traders. On the other hand things like the jagerhaus was impressive.. Are festivals just becoming advertising space for big companies?
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