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  1. There's WiFi at Tim Peaks, I'm sure, although I'm not sure if that opens on the Thursday? Possibly Chai Wallahs too.
  2. Can you provide specific evidence, with links to statements from emergency services (ambulances in particular) saying categorically that the protests have posed a clear and direct risk to public health? Or are you just making stuff up? https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/what-ambulance-service-says-extinction-3113014
  3. I'd suggest that people who are ignorant and selfish enough to leave their engines idling unnecessary pretty much proof the necessity of groups like ER. If that's the kind of nonsense you need to convince yourself of to oppose direct action/protest, it's probably better to just keep quiet.
  4. That's just stupid from start to finish, I'm afraid.
  5. Quite pleased with how it's turned out! Everybody I'd want to see seems to be well spread out, so unless the times go wonky then it looks ideal for me.
  6. They tweeted the other night that Dermot Kennedy is headlining the Calling Out tent one of the nights. Hardly an inspiring choice, tbh.
  7. Doubt it'll happen, but Ronnie Spector in a Saturday tea-time slot would be magnificent.
  8. Here's my first ever attempt! Not necessarily a wishlist, but I reckon we'll see most of these... New Order Rascalton Glasvegas The Rifles Tom Walker Bloc Party Idles Mystery Jets Lucia Cast The Fratellis Jesse Glynne Reverend & The Makers Foals Peace Gerry Cinnamon Gang Of Youths Miles Kane Louis Berry DMAs
  9. The Lucid Dream are headlining the Yam Riot tent apparently, they seem quite good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de6myLoZBW8
  10. Last time OCS played was an early acoustic set which pulled a pretty decent crowd...I've saw them about 30 times so I'm not going to complain about them being before the Libertines, but equally it wouldn't be unreasonable to have someone else in between the two. Likewise Shed Seven in a later slot is ideal for me, but with Run DMC headlining you'd definitely want someone else of note in there. BRMC would have been great. Lucy Spraggan topping the second stage of a festival that costs £160 for a ticket is more than a bit grim. Outwith the top end of the bill it's a particularly uninspiring, I think. I'd consider myself to have a pretty good knowledge of new/up-and-coming music and am a bit of a loss as to an lot of the names. As a general observation, I feel like some parts of the festival haven't really moved at the same pace as the increased capacity and profile. Not just the line-up, but the fact that the House Party and Twin Peaks are still so small, the lack of water points etc. I get those two areas are supposed to be quite intimate, but nonetheless it's bit of a bummer to be putting live bands in places only a tiny number of people can get in to and even when you are in it's generally unbearably hot. There's surely a way you could retain some of the spirit of them whilst move them to bigger tents. Anyway, all that said, I don't want to be overly critical as I've loved every minute of every year I've been, I'm really looking forward to this year's, and if I only see Shed Seven, James, OCS and the Libertines I'll be pretty happy about that so you can't grumble too much.
  11. Is it just me or does the split make the line-up look extremely underwhelming? I know there's been a lot of criticisms elsewhere but when you see it spread over the different stages there seems to be an awful lot of not much at all. Aside from a handful of main stage bands, it looks like a line-up for a much smaller and cheaper festival.
  12. That's the only one I've ever spotted too. There's nowhere near enough of them, either in the arena or the campsite.
  13. Was there not an email about it? Fairly sure there was, but could be wrong! If the line-up as it stands is the final thing (which you'd imagine it is), it'l be spread incredibly thinly to cover the Calling Out and Main Stage. You'd have been expecting at least another half a dozen or so reasonably well known acts even as it was, but with a bigger CO capacity it's going to seem a bit empty for the majority of the weekend.
  14. Given the Calling Out tent is apparently going to be bigger, does anyone know if the House Party will be too? As good as the concept of it is, it's a bit of a nightmare when it's busy and far too hot.
  15. If you have a campervan ticket, can you pitch a tent next to it? Also, if you have one does it matter many people are in it as long as they have tickets? My pal might be taking one and it'd be handy to cadge a lift from him with all my stuff...
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