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  1. https://www.twickets.live/block/987687859598625,2 Just came across 2 x tickets for the strokes day on twickets, noticed a few interested in some yesterday. VIP tickets tho so not sure what price’s you wanted to pay
  2. Won a pair for the bmth day yesterday but doesn't really matter at £2.50 a ticket! Deffo going tho
  3. That’s because no ones bought the bmth ones to be able to sell them on
  4. I’m holding out for some tickets for the bmth, once all these competitions end those who have already bought tickets and won will be flogging them off cheaply😅 I imagine bring me are struggling with all these competitions for it
  5. Metro confirming charli xcx, ymas, royal blood, twin Atlantic, the wombats and the hunna so safe to say it’s legit
  6. Any sign of boston manor? Download gave them an early main stage slot, hoping reading was to follow
  7. 1 thing I did dislike this year, don’t know if it’s new procedures or just because of the groups around us but on the wed/thurs we had security(grey vests) come over about 3-4 times just walking through our camp asking us to hand anything in we shouldn’t of had. It wasn’t an issue because we didn’t actually have anything we shouldn’t have but it was just a bit intimidating having 3 guys walking through asking what we had in my hands or what an empty balloon he’d find in between some tents next to ours was doing there. We were in brown so not as if it was rowdy either, I’m all for tightened security but just made us feel were being watched especially in the nights when they’d all have their little torches on us
  8. Just paid £20 on white gate car park
  9. Pretty much saying the same in the email, could be worth a try though "Weekend parking at Reading festival have now sold out. Please be advised that purchasing at parking ticket at the gate on the day is subject to availability and can't be guaranteed. For alternative parking options and information please visit: https://www.readingfestival.com/information-category/travel"
  10. What is a Primark doing in the arena? lol
  11. I've just sent an email over to FR about this, I'll let you know once they get back to me
  12. Early entry tickets being resold at £130+ and parking tickets being resold over £50+. And I thought they were going to struggle with the lineup this year Also nvm weekend tickets going for £400+ on GetMeIn
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