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  1. I feel like they’ve really missed a trick on that RATM day. Great headline booking yes, but come on imagine the likes of Bizkit instead of Courteeners, Tom grennan etc
  2. Don broco secret set dance tent now
  3. I think for me it’s gonna have to be - tssf > shikari shikari > adtr But yeah I was looking forward to a shikari main stage set after the last one
  4. Clashing shikari and the story so far is bloody great isn’t it
  5. I’m going to go with a neck deep secret set on the pit
  6. Catfish seem to be getting a lot more radio 1 time this week..
  7. We won 6 tickets for bmth all together but have still heard nothing about them, where’s the best place to buy some?? I’m losing hope of these coming in now and we’re travelling down tonight for it
  8. Anyone who won tickets for bring me heard anything yet?? Bit of a shambles this APE stuff is isn’t it
  9. Has anyone who’ve won tickets for any of the second week’s had an emails from APE yet? Won 3 pairs of tickets in our group but none of us have heard anything yet
  10. https://www.twickets.live/block/987687859598625,2 Just came across 2 x tickets for the strokes day on twickets, noticed a few interested in some yesterday. VIP tickets tho so not sure what price’s you wanted to pay
  11. Won a pair for the bmth day yesterday but doesn't really matter at £2.50 a ticket! Deffo going tho
  12. That’s because no ones bought the bmth ones to be able to sell them on
  13. I’m holding out for some tickets for the bmth, once all these competitions end those who have already bought tickets and won will be flogging them off cheaply? I imagine bring me are struggling with all these competitions for it
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