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  1. jo1980

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    It says on the website that any WV tents or tipis which are cancelled will go back on sale in a resale in April. Seems that unlike previous years, WV are doing a single resale, rather than drip feed tents back online as and when they are cancelled...
  2. jo1980

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi all, I've been an avid reader on here for a few years but never had the guts to actually post... But after the events of last week (failed in both sales, having been successful in October for the last 3 years), i need to get involved and commiserate with other people who get how special Glastonbury is, and will understand why i'm so gutted. I'm not giving up though, and am determined to make it there somehow, be it in the resale or working. I could end up going solo, so would be nice to come to the meet having spoken to some people on here first!