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  1. There are some additional security checks between WV and the festival. They are pretty random, and definitely not as thorough as the initial check from car park to WV campsite, but they definitely do happen.
  2. This year there was a Worthy View resale at 11am on the same Sunday as the main ticket resale, and it seemed like there were lots of tents available (although mainly scout tents).
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BzyCqFTgA8W64VGxlTA-ctmum77HUPvjltC8MJ8K0uc/htmlview#gid=0
  4. I have two free tickets for BMTH tomorrow (from O2 priority) if anyone wants them? If so, DM me your email address. Tickets now gone
  5. I struggled with this too and then discovered protein pancakes which are amazing. There are lots of recipes online, but I just use vanilla protein powder, one egg and some almond milk. Very easy to make the night before, just need a quick microwave at work ideally (or can eat them cold but not as nice).
  6. It says on the website that any WV tents or tipis which are cancelled will go back on sale in a resale in April. Seems that unlike previous years, WV are doing a single resale, rather than drip feed tents back online as and when they are cancelled...
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