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  1. Smuggle in as many spirits as possible, that way you only need to buy a bottle of coke for a couple of quid and keep topping up. Also, take food you can make with hot water. Pot noodles, pasta pots etc for during the day. Take breakfast bars / belvita type things for breakfast and own coffee / teabags. You can get hot water for free if you ask nicely enough or if not for about 50p. I normally do that and treat myself to one hot meal a day. A festival is as expensive as you want it to be. I normally spend a couple of hundred but I’ve had friends do a 5 day festival on 50 quid and be drinking all day still. It’s doable!
  2. Nicely done! This map gives more of a scale of just how big the site is too ? Getting excited now!
  3. They are quite strict on the limit but there are always ways to smuggle in some extras. Decent spirits into 50cl water bottles and hide them in ingenious places in your luggage. Then you just need to buy mixers once in there ?
  4. krisroe


    To be fair it’s only one hill that is horrid. The rest of the site is ok. I missed a couple of bands because I couldn’t be bothered to walk downtown, having to do the hill, just for one band then coming back up again.
  5. They were ok I think. Bad apple has a load of different ciders which is why I like it the most, it reminds me of a large scale micro pub. The other bars I tended to just buy whatever main beer was on sale. I’m sure there are other unique type bars though, I just never got so far as looking for them ?
  6. It’s in the town centre. One of my favourite bars of the festival as they sell 7% cider, at least they did ?
  7. I’m guessing the reason springs is restricted is because it’s near Wild West camping so you’d have to walk through the closed off districts to get to the open parts. If that’s the case I’m sure there’ll be backlash and they’ll put something in place, like walking around the site or something. They seem to be changing their minds as and when their is backlash which is good I suppose, at least they’re not just burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the complaints.
  8. There’ll be no more music acts announced but they will start putting out videos etc relating to the storyline soon enough. It keeps my excitement levels up seeing the story take shape.
  9. I like stopping off in speakers corner about halfway up the hill. I caught a really good comedy slam poet there my first year.
  10. Hiya! Like miesh said travel as light as possible, boomtown is slightly more difficult for that as the first time I went we had a suitcase just for fancy dress ... food is good, a fair bit of choice but expect festival prices. Camping depends on you, I camp uptown in Wild West, it’s lively, pretty close to the uptown districts but you can still sleep easily enough. The hill ... dear god. One massive hill separates uptown and downtown, factor in for this if there are bands you want to see in both areas. I’ve not bothered with certain bands just because I couldn’t be bothered to walk downtown just to come back up half hour later. Apart from that the best advice given to me for this festival was explore everything. Open doors and go through, answer any phones that ring, speak to the actors and get involved in the story. It is the most surreal and amazing festival ever. You’ll have a blast!
  11. I've never taken mixers in before but so long as it's sealed I'm sure you'll be fine They mainly look for bottles and people bringing in numerous crates.
  12. They do search but there's always ways to sneak stuff in haha. Decant spirits into small water bottles and be innovative with your hiding places! Beer prices are through the roof, same as any festival. If you go to the Bad Apple Cider Bar in the Town centre they usually do a couple of 7/8% ciders for the same price as the 4% beer so you can get some better value for money
  13. Would you be able to pm me about the watsapp group too please miesh
  14. I've only seen them 3 times to be fair, 2 at festivals and one gig. I've loved every time though. Plus I absolutely love their music so I'm going to be biased haha
  15. Sonic Boom Six have said they are announcing tour dates and a festival date very soon. When I pointed out that this coincides with Boomtown's first announcement they liked it. While not a major act they've been there before and would be a good pull for me
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