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  1. Warm - low 20s - Thurs thro Sun. Poss rain Sun. Usual festival weather! https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2642910 Just keep looking for decent forecasts then go with that one!
  2. Another question if I may be so bold... General camping areas - are there showers? Thanks!
  3. Nice one - thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, is there a map of the YNot site? First time we've been. Thanks
  5. Except, of course, the events are sold out....
  6. Springsteen on a Friday? Surely way too big for a Friday. It would be awesome to have him at the IoW though. If he played on the Sunday night - would that be enough time for him / crew / kit to get to Dusseldorf and set up? No idea how long these things take. No UK dates up there - yet.... I'd certainly do a European trip / long weekend to see him - Barcelona or Copenhagen - both great cities!
  7. Confirmed. EB tickets available. Think I’ll wait for some acts to be confirmed though. Any thoughts/ speculative punts as to who’ll be topping the bill?
  8. Newport Premier Inn... rooms for that weekend are £170/night plus breakfast so I suspect you could be right.
  9. Good synopsis. Muse / Kasabian - both outstanding. I love the Coral, but they seemed unenthusiastic. Fratellis / Proclaimers / Nile Rodgers - all early afternoon - arena jammed. Capaldi - place emptied out to go listen to Noasis? WTF? Chairs - didn't see a problem. People were sensible, late afternoon pretty much all packed away in the main arena. Security - saw one couple with a case of lager! Bar prices a bit steep but all the staff we met were brilliant - friendly and positive. Home made GnT in an Aldi bottle works well btw. Bottom line - I'll be back next year. Really missed the whole weekend over the last two years (not missed Red Funnel though)!
  10. Fantastic to be back, despite Red Funnels best efforts… Performances yesterday were awesome. Didn’t fancy Capaldi so made our way over to Noasis. passed the tent-, loads of room. Noasis… Jammed. Most of the main arena area big spaces everywhere. How can a covers band command a huge audience like that! They were excellent btw. Organisers messed up a bit I suspect.
  11. It’s almost indescribable how it feels to be back on the island this year. It was busy and buzzing yesterday. Great weather too and bumped into a couple of friends we haven’t seen since 2019! So the question I have is dates for 2023. I want to book the hotel we’re in for next year before we leave. The place is awesome. Breakfasts are superb and the owners are brilliant. He’s flexible enough to let us cancel if we need to as well. 2023 dates anyone? Thanks
  12. Clashfinder ready for printing (if you're old like me)... with all stages now populated
  13. Hey folks - anyone have a site map with gate numbers for this year? I'm looking for gate A2 Thanks
  14. Bitten the bullet and taken a punt on a couple of EB tickets for 2022.... deal ends Sunday night.... if what you say is true - won't have long to wait!
  15. It's a condition of entry... Easy enough to take alcohol in... you are allowed to take in a small quantity of plastic bottled water... Aldi do a nice .5l spring water...
  16. Tradition has it that the new thread can't start until the previous festival has been held.... I'm going to have to report this to Admin Only kidding Just hope the festival keeps going and the lineup improves!
  17. Decided, for a number of reasons, to skip this year. IoW hotel has no availability - and I'm too old to camp... Line-up is ok - for us - we're old - see above, but it's an expensive weekend with days off work, ferry, hotel, tickets, beer vouchers etc etc. Staying local - Madchestoh Castlefied bowl - Sounds of the City - just re-scheduled for mid September - so hopefully back next summer (whining about the line-up)! We're doing a couple of nights there instead. Not the full on Fest experience. For those who are going - I really do hope everything goes to plan and that you have a fantastic time (I'm sure you will!). I look forward to the post party stories.
  18. Can but dream! It's been a long, long cultural drought...
  19. Headliner speculation? Arctic Monkeys, Foos, ELO, Snow Patrol Not headliners but Hot House Flowers, Eddi Reader, Reel Big Fish, James, Crowded House, Lightning Seeds, Coral Caravan Palace (lead singer is just gorgeous). Any of the above would be a bonus!
  20. Quite forgettable lineup so that's understandable....! It's still a weekend away though, and at the moment it's all we've got!!!!!
  21. New dates - 16th - 19th September
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