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  1. I'm normally Male large and had to go xl, I would size up for sure
  2. daclown28

    The Cure

    I left after about 6 songs. Didn't do anything for me. Band were tight, voice was good . I just found it lack lustre and went to see the end of christine and the queens then got into arcadia nice and early
  3. daclown28


    I think if men use cubicles then we should sit down like everyone else . Cant piss on the seat if your sat on it .
  4. daclown28


    I witnessed someone leaving a portaloo in e17 with a toilet cassette went in after and it was basically a solid lump of paper which wouldn't flush. Toilets had only been emptied 2 hours before .
  5. daclown28

    My only gripe

    6 days in this heat is a long time
  6. daclown28

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Wouldn't recomend that this late. If you take one to low the problem is worse, I did mine at the weekend so that if any errors uccured then it would have time to grow back
  7. Either use your lungs or one of these https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3406199?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59156|acid:444-797-0832|cid:598623051|agid:28645067845|tid:pla-260854455573|crid:96089175925|nw:g|rnd:5263506770380144921|dvc:m|adp:1o3|mt:|loc:1006749&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgLLoBRDyARIsACRAZe6h1FfyPJgzROQtAIgJWHUx81BQ-8GKtBlZH5bUoXxS2NQI9kNdeDYaAkBgEALw_wcB
  8. Bump. Cmon guys wheres the cheap beers at? Need some lager ala San miguel or kronenburg for the mrs and I would like an easy drinking ipa like Beaverton neck oil . I have some proper craft already bought and I have lots of flavoured vodka and gin to take just need some easy drinking brunch beers after my bloody Mary's Wheres all the supermarket offers ???
  9. Slightly off topic, I'm looking for booze related bargains . I'm sure there was a thread for this but cant seem to locate it.. used search and gone back 5/6 pages and still nothing
  10. It says on the glasto website camper fields open at noon. There are reports of people getting gin as early as 9:30/10. But then counter claims of being turned away at the same time
  11. Shouldn't it be in the box with the spare wheel? Just get him to look
  12. daclown28

    Beer Run

    Yea but a hand each is 15kg .. many hands and all that
  13. I have known many people to do this successfully.
  14. daclown28

    Beer Run

    60 beers ÷2 =30 30÷5 =6 . 6 beers a day isn't bad going before either using a bar or moving onto spirits.
  15. daclown28

    Beer Run

    Spirits are best bet. But if you drink cider or wine then 3l boxes are good too. Hoe many beers do you realistically need? If there's 2 of you then take a blue ikea bag . They can take 60 cans easy and with a strap each yor laughing.
  16. I empty my lanyard and put it in there. Attached to my neck
  17. They just ask you a bunch of questions. It has been known for people inside to slip off bands and give people stubs. One person leaves with them and gives them to friends outside. Its then up to them to blag they lost their pass out
  18. Built a bed frame in my campervan, That I will be using at the festival. Need to get a move on 2 weeks today I'll have spent a night in it
  19. Love Bruce air head. Seem him a few times over the years, this time will be the first with children in our group so will look out for him again !
  20. First time in the campervan field this year in my almost finished self build, dont really have a grey water system so was probably going to bucket it. What do others use ? Do people just use waste masters and empty them on the site ? I'm sure alot of people just drop it on the ground but even with eco soaps and the like it could make the site a bit boggy and not sure neighnours would like grey water running into their awning when they are cooking breakfast and your having a shower .. just wanted to see some hacks to make it easier for me and stay considerate to others
  21. daclown28

    Staying up

    Caffeine tablets can work. Work better if you crush them up and put them in your nose. They make up about 75% of most the bags you can pay alot money for
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