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  1. daclown28

    Driving from Brighton

    I used to live in Brighton, the route is mainly motorway. M23 ,M25, M3, it's about 3 hours. I would recommend getting some motor way practice in the coming months, and suggest you take regular breaks, also i would be more concerned about the trip home and make sure you are of sound mind when you leave. Just relax, take your time and stay safe.
  2. daclown28

    Facilities in cv east?

    So having got a campervan east ticket now.i have to buy a camper. I understand that it must have EITHER cooking or washing facilities and what I buy will probably have both, however I just wanted to know are there plenty of toilets? Are there any showers? Food vendors ? Shops ?
  3. daclown28


    Surely you pay for the 8m×8m pitch it shouldn't matter if it fits inside this. If it's a day van and a caravan it's still less capacity than a tour bus.
  4. daclown28

    2019 Headliners

    There's still a hope then surely
  5. daclown28

    2019 Headliners

    Fleetwood Mac playing Wembley on Sunday the 16th June 2019????
  6. daclown28

    Campervan Ticket

    If they get tickets in the resale you would still need to be in the campervan when they arrive as it will be linked ymto your reg number and photo
  7. daclown28

    What is the process with Campervans?

    Thiis would be the plan as they have young children.
  8. daclown28

    What is the process with Campervans?

    Sorry to hijack this with more questions but what is the process if you have friends arriving by coach who want to stay with us in our van? How does the policing in and out of the campervan field work . Is it ok as Long as they have a ticket and a pass out?
  9. I have bought a lot of sports direct/ field and trek stuff and its not all rubbish, the karrimor stuff is good, maybe not as good as the rrp states but usually better than the sale price would suggest, go into a shop try it on, you will know if it's cheap crap or any good
  10. I take a draw string bag like that every year, it's called my "udder" as it always has a cider and wine tap poking out of the top, and I keep them under my arm like a bag pipe and milk it into a cup, I'm happy drinking warm scrumpy and if its really hot I have cinnamon sticks and star anise, take a wine box and a cider box a day in the morning and go back for spirits and to grabs jumper/ trousers in the evening. I try to get a kids designed bag each year 2011 was batman I think