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  1. Excellent mud montage there Gnomicide ! i was wondering how to describe the various stages of mud you encounter at the festival, you have captured it beautifully.

    In 2016 i fell flat on my back on the walk down from the campervan fields in mud like you have shown in picture 2. The back of me was covered from the ankles up to the shoulders but it was lunchtime and I laughed it off and the sun dried it out over the afternoon I was a happy bunny. I was not a happy bunny when I did exactly the same thing about 8 hours later near the caberet tent in mud as depicted in photo 4 but really deep ? no sun left to dry it out and I was wet through and very cold all that evening.

    I have stopped wearing those wellies and gone back to my long ribbon tied doc martens, have never slipped in those but it has taken me 2 years to get them mud free


  2. We are in CV East too. Very thankful for our tickets but in the past we have always secured CV east quiet ( or family as it was descibed previously ) so we were trying for those as our first choice.

    Can anyone comment on how much further the walk is to the pedestrian gate ? How long is it to the furthest away CV east field ?

    Wherever we end up I am so happy we got festival tickets and CV tickets but I'm just trying to prepare myself for the longer walk.


  3. 6 minutes ago, Mr.Tease said:

    I continued my tent research (my usual tent it on the cusp of failing), and discovered I have been sleeping in my tent the wrong way round my whole life! All the pictures illustrating the number of people who are meant to fit in the tent, show the persons head goes near the entrance, where as I always assumed that if you're on a slight slope, you ensure the entrance is at the bottom of the slope (so rain/puddles/streams wouldn't flow into the tent when you open the door, and then you sleep with your head at the top of the slope, and meaning your feet are then at the the tent entrance.

    I refuse to believe I am wrong on this!

    This has made me laugh ...... you sleep in your tent how you want to mate, don't listen to the tent police !

  4. i have really loved reading this thread, thank you Peroni for starting it.

    The first time at Glastonbury really is amazing and there are some really great stories on here from recent converts to the real stalwarts especially Glastoworker - thank you so much for those brilliant photos and the hand drawn site plan from the very early days, what an absolute pleasure to see those ?

    I went to my first in 1994 ( or that is the year we have narrowed it down to ...  they do kind of merge in to one after so many). Me and then boyfriend had been in Jumbo records in Leeds and had passed by Cavendish travel on the way out where they had a list of coach trips in the window. Glastonbury festival was listed and we both fancied it. We went in and bought tickets for about £56 or something, then went and bought a tent !

    We travelled down  a few weeks later on the Thursday coach and in those days the coach drop off field was blummin miles from the pedestrian gate. After a long walk with our kit we finally walked in . I was completely blown away by the size of the festival (and it's twice the size now ! )

    I couldnt believe the atmosphere and the sheer pleasure of the whole weekend.

    We have been lucky enough to go to every Glastonbury since. lt's amazing that a place where I have spent just one week a year feels like home every time i go back, that is a real testiment to the way Micheal and his family have run the festival, and welcomed us to their farm and home each year.

    We started taking our daughter in 2002 when she was 8 months old and that felt like a whole new experience, not so hedonistic anymore but the Kidz field was a revalation ! fantastic for a parent with a hangover ?? but seriously the atmosphere and sheer kindness in the Kidz field is absolutely what this festival is all about.

    We have clocked up 20 in a row now, and my daughter has clocked up 14, every one of her lifetime. I feel very lucky indeed, it really is a special place and time that weekend after the summer solstice in Somerset.  We got a van about 5 years ago which is sheer luxury although I do slightly hanker after being inside the perimeter fence.



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  5. Penrhose you beat me to it, some similar ideas to each other ... great minds think alike ?

    Also dont cook in the tent, put the stove outside, but it's nice to eat in the tent, and the spirits and cordials would be decanted into plastic bottles of course

  6. I would also stay on site if at all possible, Im not sure how near or expensive the general stores in the towns around Pilton are during festival week.

    It's difficult to get away from the weight of bringing in your own alcohol, the lightest option would be spirits and concentrated mixers/cordial. Water is free on site, but unfortunately that's not a solution if beer or cider are your tipple. 

    I appreciate that if you going solo you wont want to carry much extra with you on top of your tent etc but you could minimise the expense of on site takeaway food by taking some light weight food with you like cereal in bags or bars, nuts, choc bars. You will probably still eat some food bought on site but maybe a bit less.

    If you can find room for a small lightwieght non stick pan with a lid, a tin mug, and a small camping stove like a trangia or the little foldaway solid fuel ones  ( quite cheap to buy) then you can save a lot on breakfast by making tea/coffee/instant porridge.... nice in your tent in the morning.  Plus this then makes possible instant packeted pasta/rice/noodle/couscous packs etc. Remember to take a spoon and fork for those, and ideally get the packeted ones, easier to pack than those in cartons ( and eat out of the pan if necessary ?)

    Finally some of the food is less expensive than others, the tea and cakes at the '50p tea tent' are great (in the green futures field I think but others might correct me on that). Ask people around what they have had and how much it cost. There is some really fantastic food at the festival though so it's a shame to miss out completely !



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  7. Congratulations ? ... both on the pregnancy and getting a ticket !

    We took our daugher at 8 months old, we stayed in a cottage nearby but wished that we had camped as we had always done before and which we continued to do every glastonbury since with our daughter.

    Good advice and reassurance from Wooderson, especially the ear defenders. The weather will have a big impact and you are right that as a first time mum ( as I was) you wont know what to expect. 3 months is quite young but your camping experience and help from family and friends will help a lot.

    There are some very baby friendly areas of the festival, particularly in the Kidz Field where there are areas geared up for baby feeding and changing and generally a more gently pace, and less mud even when the weather is poor. Also the green peace kids area towards the back by the ancient oak tree.

    If you are particularly concerned about the queues getting in to the site perhaps a word with the stewards might result in you being guided in a bit quicker.

    I hope all goes well and you have a very happy festival.


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  8. So do you think someone in a group with more than one campervan can buy multiple campervan tickets together so long as on the day they all travel on site together.

    I'm the lead booker for 5 of us with general admission tickets and 2 campervans wanting to be parked together. I think last time we each bought our own ( even though i think you could purchase more than one) and I cant remember if they checked the names or not when we arrived.

    If we can buy the two at once it means we avoid the risk of our chosen campervan section selling out before the second one is bought. 

    This is what the FAQs say about it:

    • Campervan/caravan tickets are personalised to the named campervan/caravan ticket booker, and are strictly non-transferable. If the person who books the campervan ticket subsequently cancels their ticket booking (prior to 3rd May), the campervan ticket will also be cancelled. If someone else within the original booking would like to take over the campervan ticket, the booking can be rebooked with their registration as long as this is requested at the point of cancellation (£10 admin fee will apply) but the booking cannot be reassigned retrospectively or transferred to someone who wasn’t in the original booking.


  9. Try using the Twickets ticket resale site. It's a fan to fan ticket resale site and is endorsed by Beautiful Days and there is a link from the Beautiful Days website, you can set up an alert for the ticket you are seeking and is safe and covers a wide range of events and festivals. We got a campervan pass on there last year and tickets for BD do change hands in the weeks before the festival.

    Good luck


  10. Use either Pledge furniture polish or Avon skin so soft.

    Same method with either and as already said above it's the oil / moisturiser which slowly softens the adhesive. Spray on leave for a few minutes and wipe off as much as possible. Repeat a few times. It will leave a greasy film behind, wash off with soap and water.


  11. 11 minutes ago, rpfranks said:

    It's not red wine but whatever you do, do not, and I repeat do not, buy those £4 boxes of Perry from Aldi.

    I finished one of those in a few hours on the Thursday night at William's Green and the rest is history.


  12. what about the 1.5lt wine pouches from Asda ? anyone tried them ?

    the spouse is taking cans of G&T this year so not sharing the wine, so i thought the slightly smaller size would be convenient for me, I have got the Shiraz and the Malbec.... anyone tried it ?



  13. well if the ground is rock hard then I am very happy as  deep mud wont be a major problem this year. so thank goodness for that after last year. This could be a brilliant year and we deserve it after last year.

    If we get a sudden downpour then it will collect in the the dips, instead of immediately soaking away which is not a disaster unless your tent is in a dip.  I was there the year that some poor folks' tents were floating, a number of families had to be rescued whose tents were in dips at the top of cockmill meadow, I remember rain flowing fast under our tent but it looks like a very small chance of that happening again.

    if it is dry enough for folks to sit on the ground that is the making of a very fine festival. :D

  14. I haven't read the previous 58 pages so apologies if this has been covered .... but what is the state of the ground right now ? is it baked, slightly dry or moist ? Info from those on site now would be realy welcome.


    I have been in pretty much all possible conditions at the festival, the deep mud is the only really bad one. all temperatures are OK though I prefer it not to be super hot as I burn easily.

    getting excited now, in a week's time I will start packing the van :D

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