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  1. Flaming Lips would likely be too expensive unfortunately. Wolf Alice would be a good shout.
  2. Or just what time [SPUNGE] are on Friday so I know what time to aim for.
  3. Thanks for the great advice. She is pretty resilient, so I think we're worrying about us more than her! We like getting out and about, so got an off road pram anyway! Having said that the Bearded Theory site is pretty flat - although I've been lucky enough not to see it wet and muddy!
  4. Thanks for the advise. I've done enough festivals I don't mind chilling near the back. Honestly BT isn't the best line up this year for me, but I think that's only going to help things as it means there's more chill out time (done festivals where I wanted to see everything, amazing but knackering!) Idlewild on Sat night is the only one I'd like to see which I think we'll end up missing, but that's not an issue at all. We've got a 'puddlesuit' and we're going to get her first pair of wellies this weekend! I think The HotPots on Sunday are going to be a hightlight. On that note, are the Red Barrows not there this year?
  5. Any tips on first camping festival with a toddler (16 months old) We're pretty chilled overall and don't expect to see everything and everybody we want to, but would really love to see Suede! Our 4th BT, but 1st ever festival with a toddler.
  6. Site looking grand! Anybody with inside info (Paul - looking at you) can give us a hint what time SPUNGE are on Friday. I know it's going to be around 1pm, but would be handy to know.
  7. I wish - but with work on Thursday and a 16 month old to drag along then it's not going to be feasible, even if I am going to miss Beans.
  8. Can't decide what time to turn up on Friday. We normally get there for a leisurely 12 - but I think SPUNGE will be on 12:30 or 1 and want to be in the arena for them!
  9. Mine not despatched yet, hopefully soon!
  10. I thought that when I saw it yesterday, then realised that it'd be really difficult to design to have the 3 headliners top then Doves below - so pretty sure it's just a design thing.
  11. I think Flaming Lips are too expensive, they only tend to play more expensive/larger festivals, I think it must be the logistics of getting here with all their kit, etc. Flaming Lips would fit Bearded amazingly, but I don't expect it to be them.
  12. Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot just announced a couple of gigs, might be too big but would fit well and timing seems appropriate that they'd want to announce and sell their solo tickets first.
  13. Yesterday when the lineup went on "SPONGE" were playing.
  14. I was unable to go earlier this year, but last year they didn't have Jaipur X. Most disappointing part of the weekend!!
  15. It's a brilliant little festival! The bar is inside a tin trainshed which can be a bit of a sweatbox, so hopefully not too long spent working there! Going to be my 6 months old first festival, so hopefully she'll enjoy it.
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