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  1. Cadski


    We had 3 years at Lakefest without a drop of rain up till last year where it never stopped. Wash out. Storms and all nearly lost the pop top on campervan.
  2. Going to give him a listen. Might be missing out on this.
  3. Richard Ashcroft is ok but well dated Urban Hymns. Loved the album in its day but it hasnt aged well. Imo. And no dont know anything else hes done so. Saw him before Pink Floyd at Hyde Park a couple of years ago and was ok but its a bit miserable for a crowd.
  4. Cadski


    Dont ever fancy the mud sliding shit though. There was some girl fighting anyone she could in a big mud puddle one year. And people randomly diving on others while covered in mud. Not for me.
  5. Cadski


    Ye bad clothing not bad weather.
  6. Cadski


    Its hard to be right. When cold you can wrap up. But rain spoils it. Best taking kit like a fisherman in case. We are in a campervan so easier to sit it out but still nothing like laying on the grass, chilling on the grass.
  7. Cadski


    Bloody hell. Fingers crossed for this year. Looking forward to it already. Watched Jonny Marr on a Sunday at Kendal just as the sun set behind the stage , twas the best memory of any festival. That and James opening on the Thursday night one year.
  8. Cadski


    I have been lucky, had some good weekends there. Just wondering how the last 2 years were.
  9. Are Super grass an headliner ?
  10. Cadski


    Having not been for 2 years just wondering what the weather has been like, Lochlands mentioned mud and I haven't paid much attention to how the weather has been whilst Kendal was on. Has it been bad the last 2 years?
  11. To my Mum and Auntie Cliff is bigger than both and up there with Barry Manilow. Id say Stereophonics are more trendy Foals more Niche. Everybody knows Stereophonics not everybody knows Foals. Yet. BBC @ Glastonbury use a Foals track as theme on their tv coverage. Their sound, to me is more suited to been in a festival than singing along to phonics songs imo. That's all I really meant.
  12. Sister Sledge will be good. Legends. Been lost in music many a time.
  13. Completely different bands and sound but horses(or foals) for courses. I would take 1 Foals album over every Stereophonics album. Cliff Richards still fills stadiums.
  14. Agreed on Stereophonics. I had given up on Kendal for last 2 years and missed Courteeners! I have always wanted to see Foals at a festival, there sound will suit Kendal beautifully. Johnny Marr was awesome last time as well so im back in the fields. Top line up in my opinion. Best I have seen at any festival for a long time. No such thing as bad weather just bad choice of clothing.....
  15. Fuck off Foals are the biggest best festival act Kendal have had. Full. Stop.....
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