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  1. Cadski

    Lakefest 2018

    Hi. lm sorry, i cant tell you what you want what you really really want.
  2. Cadski

    Lakefest 2018

    Line up always impresses me for the cost. Hook ups good. Seen a few struggle with short leads both years so take a long lead or 2 but yes ice cold beer and cider all weekend. The showers are second to none aswell a short queue at the obvious times but good.( I bet they are busiest when Sporty Spice is on.) First time we went we walked round as you do on first day and were round in no time and wondered what we would do but you get where you just chill and watch whats on instead of always looking for whats on like at the bigger ones. We have been to Kendal last 6 years and Lakefest last 3. We ditched Kendal after last year. Prefer watching them grow than when grown I think.
  3. Cadski

    Lakefest 2018

    Remember the Chemical Brothers more to be fair. And the Cider Bus..
  4. Cadski

    Lakefest 2018

    Only made the last big chill and still the best festival I have been to. That was the reason we found Lakefest there.
  5. Cadski

    Lakefest 2018

    Ye its suits us. Been to the last 3 and cant fault it.
  6. Cadski

    Lakefest 2018

    Was just trying to put it up on the Forum. Are you going?
  7. Cadski

    Family friendly festivals

    Just got back from Lakefest. Not the biggest but possibly the most chilled out you can get. Plenty of kids there and no 17-20s on hippy crack. Would recommend, our 2nd year and will be going again. Bands in the day not so well known but doesnt mean they wont be and the last 2 or 3 on the line up always well known.
  8. Cadski

    Lakefest 2017

    Brilliant weekend. No rain is always good. See you next year.
  9. Cadski


    Thank you
  10. Cadski

    Lakefest 2017

    Just so its on the forum. It was getting left out. Not long now. Suns coming out Thursday...
  11. Cadski

    Lakefest 2017

    Lakefest 2017
  12. Cadski


    Evening all, How soon after festival do they usually put next festival tickets on sale? Do they go quick? Do they do payment plan?
  13. Cadski

    Who would you like to headline in 2018

    My group have dropped out. We are doing Beautiful days 2018 so with that I think it will be Chemical Brothers Courteeners The Cure The Foals Because thats what I have waited the last 6 years for. Loved Kendal over the years but time to try elsewhere. Do feel lucky we didnt do Ynot this year, it was mentioned. Bad luck for them. Vaccines cancelled and to think they could of "put a wetsuit on" and come to Kendal. That would of brightened it up. See you in some new fields!!! Peace out!
  14. Cadski

    Tents in campervan field


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