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  1. Grabbed Fri and Sat tickets, defo be there Friday, loads of us going, the Sat will be more see how the weather is, prob pop along
  2. Ah ok, cheers gutted i'll have to listen to radio one though - the things glastonbury makes me do
  3. Odd they are selling tickets for the Saturday and not announced an act for it, who do they think they are Glastonbury - ha. Im going the Friday only, Levs are my fave band, not missing that for nothing
  4. ah blast, yeah shame no-one on here won it. We still got Oxfam haven't we? and the 6 music one, and Mallets, but i didn't enter that, have never even seen a can of it for sale
  5. when was water aid? time is not on our side now
  6. What a festival, what a weekend, loved it as usual, great bands, great people, just great - wish we were all there again this weekend
  7. Yeah filtered out the pineapple using a muslin cloth, got it from the market. Worked a treat. Was really easy. It’s a great infusion, I only infused for a week and it’s great. Yeah shots I think it’s gotta be Cheers, will defo be doing it again. Shots it is. Why not. Looks like tomorrow is going to be a very messy Thursday 🙂
  8. Hello, you’re gonna love it. Ace festival. BT are brilliant at fixing things that didn’t work the previous year. They have invested in parking, so be sure it’ll be right this year. I’d say at 6.30pm you’ll be fine, but I do have no experience of arriving at that time. Yeah there are showers.never used them, but some of me pals have. Busy of mornings, as per the norm. Festival is great for kids too. The little one will love it. Not as much as us adults though. Have a great time dude
  9. Dude! You legend. Thanks so much for the recipe. Just finished the infusion. It’s pretty damn good. So easy to do too. Muslin cloth worked a treat.. Taking it to Bearded Theory tomorrow. I’m so pleased with it. Just wondering do you add a mixer to it, or do it as shots? The latter is winning at the moment
  10. That is early, sound for me though. See y’all there
  11. Eh up, yeah defo, last few hours at work, pack, hit the pub, 1more sleep and its go time You? gonna go to the efests meet? I'll try and pop along, bring me 'cookies' and tequila..
  12. Dude! thats ace, congratulations man
  13. I'm like a kid at Christmas - love it
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    Brutal isnt it
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