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  1. Wet Leg was uncomfortable from a crowd perspective and I just tried to get to Avalon to meet my missus who’s watching Sugababes and been told they’ve closed the field! 

  2. Think this may be my last. Personally, this year’s line up is the worst I’ve experienced. Add in another bad experience with having coach tickets and the general mob of Instagram/bucket listers that don’t seem to understand the ethos of the festival, and I’m definitely struggling to enjoy it this time.

    I saw 4 lads pissing against a fence on Wednesday afternoon, less than 20m to the nearest toilets. I called them out on it and received abuse.

    Maybe I’m just having some bad luck so far. Williams Green yesterday was a joke, I’ve never seen it that bad. In fact, it just seems way more crowded this time. Has capacity gone up? 

  3. Supposed to have an 8:30am from Bristol Weds. No busses arrived until 9:40. Excuse we had was that See had told the drivers it was 9:30. 

    But seems everyone’s having problems so calling bull on that one. 

  4. The festival has definitely branched out in the past 10-15 years in terms of who they’ll approach to headline. You could link that to Emily’s rise in influence, but at the same time it’s arguably made the festival even more culturally significant. 

    To some that’s great, to others it’s not. 

    Not to mention, rock/indie music hasn’t been mainstream for most of the past 15 years, so from a popularity sense, the festival has booked most of the obvious headliners - barring Fleetwood Mac - I’d say. Look at Reading and Leeds, with each passing year they announce their headliners and we all can’t believe how they’ve picked someone who “wouldn’t headline the Other” stage.  

  5. With reference to Green Day:

    2019 - Billy Joe investigates the festival as his son is playing 

    2022 (rearranged from 2020) - secret set; rest of the band experiences the festival 

    2023 - headliners???

  6. 2 minutes ago, Billy Corgan's Ego said:

    This Green Day chat is based on nothing other than hearsay at the minute, right? Like, we don't have anything remotely close to being from credible sources?

    Somebody said they’d heard they’re booked to stay somewhere 12 miles from the festival. 

  7. I'm thinking Green Day is just too hard logistically. Killers had a few days off after their secret set, so I'm thinking Green Day isn't happening.

    I'm going with 1975 for JP, Jack White for Park and Mumfords for WG.

    I think War on Drugs just haven't been booked.

  8. There's a load of TBAs at Strummerville, so maybe Billy Joe does a solo acoustic set, rather than getting the whole band and their crew to travel?

    I'm starting to think War on Drugs just haven't been booked. I remember the other year when Bonobo was booked at Bristol on the Friday and everyone assumed he'd appear at some point, but never did. He confirmed after that he'd never even been contacted by the festival. I've got a feeling it's a similar story here.

    I think Jack White on The Park is more plausible.

    Obviously, all hunches.

  9. 19 minutes ago, K2SO said:

    I agree. Apparently they'd been trying to get on but couldn't get booked

    I presumed anyone on the 2020 line up would be offered the same slot for 2022. Guess that’s not happened. 

    Pretty gutted. Was looking forward to Mysterines and The Big Moon, who were scheduled for John Peel in 2020, but they’re not part of the 2022 line up either. 

  10. On 6/9/2022 at 9:29 AM, Gingerfish79 said:

    I was really surprised and disappointed that The Mysterines weren't on the line-up. Checking their website they're definitely free. Williams Green Thursday?

    They were on the line up for 2020, so I always presumed they’d be here in 2022. Same as you, I’m pretty surprised they’re not. 

  11. 9 minutes ago, jparx said:

    I thought about TWOD as well, but wouldn't they just be booked for the festival outright rather than a secret act? It'd be very cool but just not sure what they'd get from it I guess?

    They’re playing Bristol on the Monday evening and it doesn’t appear to have sold out. Perhaps they asked to only be announced once that show had sold out - presuming that would happen before the final poster. Since that didn’t happen, they agreed to be a secret set instead? 

  12. Kacey should be a good set. Hoping she plays a fair few from her first two records, as they were more country. Though Golden Hour was great too, just a different sound. Haven’t listened to the latest one really; need to get on it. 

  13. Isn’t the story that RHCP dropped out very, very late on in the mid 90s when they were booked as headliners, meaning Kravitz was bumped up to headliner. 

    Pretty sure the excuse was that Flea was burnt out, but the rumour was that Kiedis had relapsed. They basically dropped Glastonbury in it at the last minute and I don’t think the festival has any appetite to reach out to a band that did that. 

    Pretty sure Eavis himself said they’re not welcome back. So, unless they offer to play for free I don’t think it’s ever happening. 

  14. 59 minutes ago, tigger123 said:

    Would also mean 2 female headlining acts which I imagine Emily is very keen to do if possible

    Wasn't there a rumour that the Pyramid would have an all female line up on the Sunday, culminating with Taylor? 

    I'm sure that was being batted around in the lad up to the 2020 festival. Diana Ross, Haim, Lana Del Rey, were all rumoured to be performing on the Sunday.

  15. 1 minute ago, jparx said:

    The only thing we’ve really heard on the rumour front against the original trio is that Kendrick currently doesn’t have tour plans for next summer. 

    For Macca, he’s rumoured to be at TW Classic in Belgium right around Glastonbury, so we assume he’s in.

    For Taylor, we’ve got this possibly tenuous/possibly accurate rumour about Taylor doing stadium shows over here in the summer. Michael also name dropped both Taylor and Macca in reference to 2022, but that could be Michael being Michael.

    Elton, Dua and Billie all in the picture tour dates wise as well. Seems likely we’re looking at three of those six as headliners. Right now I’m thinking Reg/Macca/Taylor, but Kendrick could easily be there once he decides on his touring plans.

    Appreciate the response 🙂 

  16. So, avoiding having to read through the many posts/being lazy, is the general consensus that all 3 2020 headliners are likely to be at 2022? 

    I've seen Elton mentioned because he's touring and has Glasto weekend free, but are there any strong rumours that one of the original 3 for 2020 won't appear?

  17. 3 hours ago, Winslow Leach said:

    Orbital in Sonic is certainly a curve ball. Anyone check out Sonic last year and want to report back on the sound? 

    I checked it out a few times but I really don't like the vibes in that area. It feels so disjointed from the rest of the site. When you have the SE Corner and Arcadia/Pangea you can avoid Silver Hayes and still see amazing dance music. 

    That being said, there's still sound bleed between some the stages in the area, and then at others the sound isn't loud enough. It's bizarre. 

    If you want to see Orbital I'd just recommend getting there with plenty of time to spare so that you can get inside to a decent spot. 

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