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  1. Makes you appreciative how smoothly Glastonbury runs, from the outside anyway.
  2. Weren't there plans to host another this year to celebrate 50 years? Obviously never came to fruition.
  3. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    However much I'd love it to be FM for the 50th, I think Neil's interpretation is far more likely. It takes a LOT of work, effort and money to put on a one off show compared to going on tour. It really doesn't make much sense for FM to only play Glastonbury in 2020 - but, if they announce other shows in 2020, then it suddenly becomes much more likely.
  4. Is the presumption that it'll be coach sale 6pm on Thursday 3rd October and main sale on Sunday 6th October at 10am?
  5. Basically. Although, I think you ca actually refresh the page too much... - can anyone confirm? Just try to utilise as many devices as possible, be prepared with required info and have the funds ready.
  6. There is an appetite for country in the UK - Country2Country sells out most years. But at Glastonbury it doesn't seem to be there. I was there for Price in '17 and Lukas Nelson this year, and the crowds were small. If Kacey was offered a Pyramid slot I bet it'd be early afternoon Friday/Saturday, which would result in a small crowd. I don't think she'd do it. She's becoming huge in the US, but since country is still niche over here, she's struggling to break out. I don't know where you'd put her. Pyramid wouldn't be busy enough, and I think she'd want third down as a minimum. She wouldn't accept the Park or Acoustic. They're not going to put her on Other or West Holts. I'd be there - if she played - but realistically I don't see how the festival bookers and her people would agree a slot right now.
  7. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    Especially since, in theory, it's now or never for him (well, 2020 or 2021). I expect he'll accept a lower fee. FM I can't see accepting a standard fee. I think all the recent talk of "still needing to get FM" by both Michael and Emily hints that the band still haven't agreed, but are probably close. They haven't unveiled any tour plans for next year, so would they play Glasto without being on tour? I think Reg for 2020 and FM for 2021.
  8. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    Pretty sure they were at some point for 2017.
  9. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    In all fairness, I was very ill with flu-like symptoms when I saw them, but there was zero interaction with the crowd. It was a shame.
  10. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    I really liked early Black Keys. Thickfreakness, Rubber Factory and Magic Potion. When Danger Mouse got involved I felt that they lost their frantic energy, but I suppose they broke through and their music was on every other advert, film trailer and radio station. I saw them at Ally Pally in 2012, or around then, and it was maybe the worst gig I've been to. It was so flat. I've heard that their new album is back to basics rock, so maybe I'll check it out. I seriously doubt they'd headline. Sub-headliner on the Pyramid or Other headliner seems more likely.
  11. I'm with Pure Planet for gas and electric, and they are supposed to be 100% renewable-only sources. Not really sure how you can verify their claims though.
  12. Matt87

    2020 headliners

    At least the Killers set wasn't unsafe. It did get crowded hours before they even took to the stage but the rush to The Park for Radiohead's secret set was dangerous.
  13. Thanks. Really helpful. Will get some ordered.
  14. Great. Do you have a mixture of sizes? I Imogene I'll need more of the smaller ones.
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