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  1. Just seen plug has been pulled on Pukkelpop
  2. It's all amber list countries isn't it, Canada on that list too so Devin mustn't have got the vaccine??
  3. It does however look like Cleopatrick are about to announce a show in Guilford next month
  4. Yeah.... Spiritbox aren't playing, they're in LA with LB on 24/08 and they're in Canada in September. Absolutely gutted only band that I was really excited to see. Second act I was looking forward to... City Morgue and they're in same position, in Chicago a week before Leeds. Edit: unless Melvin has pulled off a miracle.
  5. Yeah, he's a delight by all accounts. Know he's Canadian but don't think it's too dissimilar from the US. Bad news is... Spiritbox is Canadian
  6. I can't imagine small bands going through this. Or even some bigger bands.
  7. They dropped their merch 3hours ago?
  8. You know that not how it works, a band might be available now that wasn't before. For all we know Playboi Carti might have been dragged in to replace Kid Laroi.
  9. In what world is this banter? Absolute nonce behaviour, swerving them like Rona.
  10. They've released set times this far in advance before.
  11. I've seen it and I don't think it means anything, what does "safe" mean? Also, a lot has changed in America over the last 6 weeks.
  12. Just realised they've pulled the plug on Superbloom which means Post Malone only coming to Europe for RandL so he's in the same situation as QOTSA. Melvin's been planning this a while and I trust he'll have a plan b, c and d especially given what is happening in USA atm. Edit: Absolutely wouldn't be shocked to see someone like Chemical brothers getting a slot after their latitude performance.
  13. Bought tickets on sat, came here to discuss as never been before but read the last page and...
  14. Spiritbox, ho9909, City Morgue, Cleopatrick, Ashnikko.
  15. He has a show in Finland, wouldn't be surprised if he was the special guest.
  16. Also, If Alt LDN think Playboi Carti is turning up they're mad. Same with Slump god, Yachty, Skies.
  17. I want to see Spiritbox, Ho9909, City Morgue, Cleopatrick, Fever 333, Ashnikko, Bob Vylan, Denzel and Kennyhoopla. But I can't see smaller bands travelling over for just this, unless Melvin is paying for the travel and there's next to no stage production, especially when they can play shows to in their own country a lot easier.
  18. DL told me on twitter that it can be a mixture, just no more than 24 cans. Could be 568ml or 330ml just not more than 24! Shame all the good stuff comes in 330s
  19. Can't have been many tix left tbf, not been able to get the +1 for a while Edit: Actually, scratch that my mate got it wrong
  20. We'll know if there's a secret set once set times are released. Probably next Monday!
  21. Thanks Can I see this q&a anywhere online?
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