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  1. L7 would be fantastic as would Alien Weaponry. What about something like ho9909 in a tent?
  2. What smaller bands do you want to see get announced?
  3. We're in an unusual position where the lineup is out 10months prior to the festival because many bands who were due to be in Europe in 2020 have rescheduled already, we usually only get the headliners in Sep. It seems the focus is now for festivals to get their lineups out ASAP to allow for months of sales as opposed to relying on 2nd announcements to push sales like normal. We're at a stage now with the lineup that we don't usually get to until around January / Feb time. RE Placebo and Puscifer, don't forget there are still Festivals to announce their lineups across Europe, festivals that haven't announced anything aren't just going to drop Placebo out of thin air, similarly Placebo. If that band has already announced some shows, there's no reason why they wouldn't be in yesterday's announcement other than a pending UK tour and I can't imagine Puscifer, or Placebo, announcing a substantial UK tour any time soon. Given Placebo are still on their 20 year anniversary tour which has already toured here and there's no real demand for a Puscifer tour.
  4. Tbh, I haven't listened to F8 yet and because I didn't hear anything about it I assumed it was a flop. (I wasn't THAT keen on their release before F8 either) I'll give it a go.
  5. There's no reason they'd be held back if they've already announced European shows. It'll be someone yet to announce EU festival shows. Same with Dropkick Murphy's, subbing Hellfest (I think) they would've been announced for DL yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if BFMV didn't play DL ever again, they're not going to get the slots they believe they deserve (sub / headline). I don't even think they're big enough to headline 2nd. I'd love it to be Architects but I think it's more likely going to be someone like FFDP.
  6. Hawky

    Latitude 2021

    I said to myself idc about the lineup, I just want to get back to Latitude but WOW that first lineup announcement is incredible, making me rethink everything. That being said, in terms of the festival's demographic they've done really well to get the most generic commercial drivel which all the mum's and dad's will eat up.
  7. In the post above the quoted message you say gigs won't be able to happen until fall 2021 yet in this post you're querying whether to buy tickets for a show in April. I'm starting to think you're not a reliable source on all things COVID...
  8. It's not going to be Pearl Jam! No Spanish or English dates announced but they're not exactly a band to hold back dates generally announce all in one go.
  9. Haha. Now you mention it I think I have read it on here. Who knew The Strokes were that precious....
  10. I'm oblivious to this, what's the story?
  11. Or, and most likely, NOS changed the announcement to coincide with tour announcements/ holding names back for later announcements.
  12. AHH... That's a different poster to what got announced by the official channels.
  13. Faithless seems to be back \(°o°)/
  14. Yeah, caught them at Roskilde in 2016 and they were first on (about 4pm) similar to BMTH. I only mentioned them because at MC in 2016 they were quite high up?
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